How to install the wireless network card driver for notebook computer?


Sometimes due to computer problems, such as wireless network card driver is not available, so how to install it? The following developpaer editor will introduce you how to install the wireless network card driver.


  Installation method of wireless network card 1:Intelligent Installation of Wireless Network Card Driver Using Driver Elves

  Driver Elf is a professional driver software developed by Driver House, which integrates many functions such as automatic upgrade, backup, restore, uninstall and hardware detection.。 You can completely throw away the drive disc and leave the download, installation, upgrade and backup of the driver to the driver wizard. The driver wizard has passed Windows 7 (Windows 7) compatibility certification and supports all Microsoft 32/64-bit operating systems including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

  Drive the wizard to install the wireless network card:

The method is very simple.Installation Driver WizardTurning on the driver wizard software automatically detects and scans the hardware in the computer when it is found that there areIf the hardware driver is abnormal or not installed, the prompt will be given.As long as we follow the prompt to install and download, we can complete the installation of wireless network card driver.

Sometimes it may beNo suitable wireless network card was found inside the driver wizard.So in this case, we can only enterRelevant brands of wireless network card official network download the corresponding model of wireless network card driverOf course, you can also search for some universal wireless network card drivers in Baidu.The way is to find the driver first.And download and save it to your computer, and then enterEquipment ManagerTo find the wireless network card device that is not normally installed, install the driver. The procedure is simple. Double-click the hardware of the device in question, enter the hardware update dialog box, and see the prompt to complete the operation step by step.

  Installation method of wireless network card II:Manual Installation of Wireless Network Card Driver

1. RememberModel of Wireless Network CardThen go onlineSearch for the driver of this modelUnzip after download

2. Wireless Network CardUSB Interface Inserted into ComputerThe system will find new hardware and pop upnew hardware wizardDialog box;


3. If not prompted: Right-clickMy computerIcon, open menu selectionattributeOrder;

4. Switch toHardwareTab, ClickEquipment ManagerButton;


5. ClickoperationOn the menuScan For Hardware ChangesCommand, and then jump outnew hardware foundDialogue box;


6. Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software? ChoiceNo, not for the time being.ClickNext stepContinue;

7. After successful installation, ClickcompleteButton to close the new hardware wizard.

That’s what I’ve done in the minor edition.Detailed steps of how to install the driver of wireless network card for notebook computerI hope I can help you.