How to install the rein plug-in in eclipse


The resin plug-in can deploy projects to the resin server, which is a Java application server. How do I install the resin plug-in? Let’s take a look at the detailed picture and text tutorial.

Software name:
Official free version of eclipse 2020 4.15 localization package (with installation and use tutorial)
Software size:
2020-04-17Download now

1. Click on the computer start menu, locate eclipse and click Open

2. Click Help menu, selectInstall New Software…

3. Open the install window and clickAdd button

4、Enter the name of the resin plug-in to be installed, and enter the installation path

5. You can also directly go to the official website to download the decompression package. Of course, we also provide the free download of the plug-in, which can be downloaded and used by interested friends.

Software name:
Resin (JSP / servlet server) v4.0.49 official Green Special Edition (with cracking file)
Software size:
2017-03-13Download now

6. Click file in eclipse to create new servers,Select the resin folder


1. Download the resin file

2. Extract the resin file

3. Using the resin file

The above is the eclipse installation plug-in tutorial. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developepaer.

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