How to install Sogou input method in Mac version


Many children’s shoes who have just come into contact with the Mac OS system do not know much about the software installation method of the Mac OS system. Here we take the Sogou input method to give you an example.

 1、 Download installation package

First, you need to download itSogou input method for Mac

2、 Install input method

The downloaded files are generally saved in the system download directory. Click the Finder Icon on the left side of the dock at the bottom of the desktop, and click “download” on the left side of the finder window to open the download directory. Sogou input method for Mac installation package is a file like Sogou_ mac_ xxx.dmg

Double click Sogou for Mac_ mac_ xxx.dmg )In the open window, there are three icons: install Sogou input method, help file, and uninstall

Click the icon “install Sogou input method” and press the prompt to install Sogou input method for Mac. You will be required to enter the MAC system startup password once in the middle. If you don’t know the password, it is recommended to ask the person who set up the system or installed the software for you when buying the computer.

After the installation, you need to log off and log on to the system account again. If you have important work at this time, you can minimize the window and log off when it is convenient.

  3、 Enable Sogou input method for Mac

In most cases, Sogou input method for Mac can be used immediately after installation (input method menu or CMD + space switch). If you can’t switch out of Sogou input method, please refer to the following steps.

Click the apple icon in the upper left corner of the desktop to open the menu, click system preferences, click “language and text input source” in the system preferences window, find Sogou Sogou Pinyin in the list on the left, check it (you can input Sogou in the input box at the bottom for quick search), and select “display input method menu in the menu bar” at the same time, you can set the “keyboard shortcut” as CMD + spac E select the previous input source

Back to the desktop, click the input method icon in the upper right corner of the desktop to expand the input method menu to switch the input method. Press CMD + space to select the previous input method, press and hold CMD, and then press space many times to switch in the input method list.