How to install selenium ide


Where can I download selenium ide? How to install selenium ide? Selenium IDE is a plug-in of Firefox. It supports script recording and can only be used in Firefox. Beginners will have some problems when installing selenium IDE, such as not displaying selenium ide in the Firefox toolbar after installation. The following editor will tell you how to download and install selenium ide. Let’s go to learn about it!

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Selenium ide installation package v2.9.0 (with installation tutorial)
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2016-03-15Download now

Selenium ide download and installation tutorial:

1. After downloading selenium ide from the official website, it may appear that the toolbar of selenium ide will not be displayed in the browser after installation, which is caused by the compatibility between different versions of selenium IDE and Firefox. Therefore, this article introduces how to install plug-ins by searching and installing them directly in the browser

2. Open Firefox and click“open a menu”->”Add on

3. Enter in the search box on the right“Selenium IDE

4. Click“View all 25 results

5. Drop down to find“Selenium IDE”, click“Add to Firefox”, and click Install

6. After installation, click restart to view the selenium ide toolbar in the menu bar of the browser

At the end of the tutorial, the above is about how to install selenium ide? Selenium ide download and install all the contents of the graphic detailed tutorial, I hope to help you! More wonderful, all in the developer website!