How to install pychar? Pycharm 2017 installation + Chinese method detailed text and text course


Pycharm2017 Chinese versionIt is a python ide created by JetBrains. It mainly serves Python language, and can perform debugging, syntax highlighting, code jumping, intelligent prompt, automatic completion, unit testing and other functions. Pycharm2017 adds some practical functions to the original version, including integrated unit testing, customizable, extensible, etc., which is more convenient to use.

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JetBrains pychar Pro 2020.1 Chinese Special Edition
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2020-04-14Download now

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

Pychar 2017 installation tutorial:

1. Download software, double click to install, clickNEXT

2. Select installation directory

3. Create desktop shortcut

4. ClickinstallStart installation

5. Do not run after installation

Methods of Sinicization


2. WillC:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PyCharm 2017\libDirectoryresources_en.jarThe file is copied and renamed resources_ cn.jar

3. Double click to openresources_cn.jar(note that it is open rather than unzipped), and download the Chinese packagezh_CNDrag all the files in the directory to the resources just opened_ cn.jar In documentmessagesDirectory, and save

4. Resources_ cn.jar File copy backC:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PyCharm 2017\libcatalog


Pycharm2017 tutorial

How to use pycharm?

1. ClickCreate New Project.

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

2. Enter the project name, path, and select Python interpreter. If the Python interpreter does not appear, go to step 3

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

3. Selectionpython interpreter 。 As you can see, once the Python interpreter is added, pychar will scan for the python extension packs you have installed and the latest versions of these extensions. (it is estimated that pychar is connected to pypi)

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

4. After clicking OK, an empty project will be created, which contains a. Idea folder for pychar management projects.

5. OK, write a new project and try pychar!

Pychar setup tutorial

How to set pychar?

1. Set the default pychar parser:

The operation is as follows:

Python–>Preferences–>Project Interpreter–>Python Interpreter Click“+”Select the python installed on the system.

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

Then return to project interpreter and select the interpreter you just added.

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

2. Set the indent as tab

File -> Default Settings -> Code Style

->General > check“Use tab character

->Python > check“Use tab character

->Other language codes are set in the same way

3. Set ide Skin Theme

File > Settings > ide Settings > appearance > Theme > select“ Alloy.IDEA Theme”

4. Display “line number” and “blank character”

File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> Editor -> Appearance

->Check “show line numbers”, “show whitespaces”, “show method separators”

5. Set the theme of “color and font” in the editor

File > Settings > ide Settings > editor > colors & fonts > scheme name > select “darcula”

Note: select “darcula” first, and then“Save As”One, named“”Because the default theme is“read-only ”, some font size and color can’t be modified, a copy can be modified!

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

Modify font size

Set to “ide & File > Settings > fonts > 14”

6. Remove the default collapse

File > Settings > ide Settings > editor > code folding > collapse by default > check all

7. “Code completion” time delay setting

File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> Editor -> Code Completion

-> Auto code completion in (ms):0

-> Autopopup in (ms):500

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

8. Modify ide shortcut key scheme

File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> Keymap

The system comes with several shortcut key schemes, such as “defaul” and “Visual Studio” in the drop-down box, which are very useful in finding bugs, “NetBeans 6.5”, “default for Gnome” and so on,

Because the “Eclipse” solution is more popular and more personal, I finally chose “Eclipse”.

There are still several commonly used shortcut keys that are different from eclipse. In order to modify them, you must first copy the eclipse scheme

(1) The code prompt function is [Ctrl + space] by default, which is changed to be the same as eclipse, that is, ALT + /]

Main menu > code > completion > basic > set to “Alt + /”

Main menu > code > completion > smarttype > set to “Alt + Shift + /”

However, by default, “Alt + /” is replaced by

Main menu, code, completion, basic, cyclic expand word. Delete it first (right click to delete it)!

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

(2) . close the current document, the default is [Ctrl + F4], and now it is the same as eclipse, that is, [Ctrl + w]

Main menu > Window > active tool window > Close active tab > set to “Ctrl + F4”;

Set the main menu > Window > editor > Close > to “Ctrl + W”;

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

PyCharm 2017 v2017.1中文版 附使用教程

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