How to install oxygen XML editor? Oxygen XML editor 18 installation + cracking tutorial


  oXygen XML Editor It is an XML Editor Based on Java. Through this software, users can directly write documents that can be used on Web pages, and support the writing of XML, XSL, TXT, XSD and DTD documents. This software is mainly written in Java language. It is a software specially written in XML Extensible Markup Language. This software has the function of automatically checking code errors. When editing, users, The system will automatically mark the incorrect syntax, which is convenient for users to modify in time and avoid the complex operation of document RE modification and verification in the later stage. At the same time, the software also has the function of document transformation. It can not only edit XSLT and xsl-fo documents, but also transform them into files you want, such as HTML / PS / PDF. It is very convenient, and some netizens don’t knowHow do I install the oxygen XML editor? How to crack the oxygen XML editor?The following developeppaer Xiaobian brings the oxygen XML editor 18 installation + cracking tutorial!

Software name:
Oxygen XML editor 18.1 32-bit official free version (with cracking file + installation cracking tutorial)
Software size:
Update time:
2017-07-03Download now
Software name:
Oxygen XML editor 18 official free version (with crack file + installation tutorial) 64 bit
Software size:
Update time:
2017-07-03Download now

oXygen XML Editor怎么安装?oXygen XML Editor 18安装+破解教程

Installation method

1. Download the extracted file with onlyoxygen.exeDouble click Install

oXygen XML Editor怎么安装?oXygen XML Editor 18安装+破解教程

2. Read the agreement and check the first itemAcceptance agreement

oXygen XML Editor怎么安装?oXygen XML Editor 18安装+破解教程

3. Select the installation positionC:\Program Files\Oxygen XML Editor 18

oXygen XML Editor怎么安装?oXygen XML Editor 18安装+破解教程

4. Oxygen XML editor 18.0 creating menu folders

oXygen XML Editor怎么安装?oXygen XML Editor 18安装+破解教程

5. Create desktop shortcut

oXygen XML Editor怎么安装?oXygen XML Editor 18安装+破解教程

6. Installing, please wait

oXygen XML Editor怎么安装?oXygen XML Editor 18安装+破解教程

Crack method

After downloading the Windows version, unzip it, and there is oxygen Exe installation package and a folder named invisible

Run the installation package oxygen Exe, which can be installed by default. After installation,Don’t rush to start oxygen XML editor, crack and activate first:

First, put the in the invisible folder keygen.bat and oxygen_keygen.jarCopy to the root directory of a partition (this makes it easier to enter when using CMD command later)

For example, I put them under the D: \ disk

Runcmd(under vista or win7, please run CMD as an administrator) and switch the current directory toD:\Disk and executekeygen.bat This batch file

After execution, the following interface pops up

  1. Click the ① button patch in the figure to find the patch under the oxygen installation directoryC:\Program Files\Oxygen XML Editor 12\lib\oxygen.jar Patch this file;

  2. Simply enter the information aboveNameandCompanyThen click the ② button in the figureGenerate Key, generate the registration code, as shown in the figure, copy the N lines of registration code and startOxygen XML EditorThe first run of the main program will let you enter the registration code, paste the just copied registration code, and then you’ll be done.


Required window 32 bits:

The smallest hardware configuration is an Intel Pentium class III processor with 1 byte of memory and 400 megabytes of free disk space.

The recommended hardware configuration is dual core processor and 4 GB memory.

The supported operating systems are in windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10, and their corresponding servers.

Note window 64 bit:

You may encounter difficulties using third-party database drivers / plug-ins that do not support local libraries of 64 bit architecture. If you do, you should install and use a 32-bit 32-bit oxygen box.

The 64 bit version of the oxygen has a slightly larger memory footprint than the 32-bit version of the JVM due to the nature of the 64 bit architecture. Only use the 64 bit version. If you have a lot of memory and work with very large files, you need the ability to use additional memory.

Required window 64 bit:

The minimum hardware configuration is Intel / AMD’s 64 bit CPU, 2GB of RAM (recommended above 4GB) and 400 MB of free disk space.

The 64 bit oxygen box in the window can only be installed and run in the 64 bit window operating system.

The supported operating systems are: Windows 64 bit, 64 bit, 7 bit, 64 bit, 8.1 bit, 64 bit, 64 bit, 10 bit, and the corresponding server side.

The above is an introduction to the full content of the oxygen XML editor 18 installation + cracking tutorial. For more content, please continue to follow the developeppaer website to present you better and more wonderful software and tutorials!

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