How to install multi monitor in computer


First, confirm how the monitor connects to the computer

If you see the monitor’s plug is up, close to the top of the host, and there are many such as USB interface, Ethernet interface, speaker interface and so on, then the monitor is connected to the motherboard.

If the monitor plug is inserted horizontally under the motherboardThen the monitor is connected to the graphics card.

Multiple displays must be connected to the same graphics card

If your monitor is still connected to the motherboard, you need to unplug it and plug it into the graphics card; if you don’t have a separate graphics card, you should install a separate graphics card before installing multiple monitors.


Check interface type

HDMI interface – this is the latest standard display interface. Any computer manufactured in the last five years will have this interface. It looks like an extended USB interface. HDMI interface can transmit high quality video and audio.

DVI-I / DVI-D interface – DVI (digital video interface) has been the standard interface for flat panel displays on computers for a long time. On the right side of DVI-I interface, there is a “+” pole interface, while DVI-D is a “- pole interface. Both can be connected to DVI display, but only DVI-I can connect to VGA / DVI conversion adapter. If a video card has two DVI interfaces, generally only one of them is DVI-I interface.

VGA interface – VGA is the interface for outputting analog signals, which is most common in the era of CRT displays. Recently, such interfaces have been phased out, but on some older computers, you may still encounter them.

DisplayPort interface – diaplayport is a digital video interface standard similar to HDMI.4KDisplays must use the DisplayPort interface, but it is generally not as common as HDMI.


Shut down the computer

Shutting down the computer and reconnecting to the monitor can facilitate the installation process, but it is not necessary for HDMI or DisplayPort.

Connecting the second / N monitor

Connect the second monitor to the graphics card. If you have an HDMI monitor and a VGA monitor, your main monitor should be connected through the HDMI interface.

If you are using VGA or DVI, use the screws on the cable to fix it.


Install the graphics driver


Set up multi screen display, wide range technology support up to 6 screens


Quick modification of multi screen display settings

On Windows 7 and windows 8, you can also change the display mode in the external display settings panel.

By pressing Win + P, you can select computer screen only, copy, expand or nth screen only from the external display menu.


The above is the computer installation method of multi display graphics and text tutorial, I hope to help you. If you have any other questions or want to know the latest information, please keep up with developeppaer!