How to install Mitsubishi PLC programming software? Graphic tutorial for GX developer Mitsubishi PLC programming software installation


PLC is a very important product in industrial control. It is generally used in various automatic production lines, including automatic production equipment such as food, medicine and daily consumer goods. Its programming needs to install the corresponding software in the computer, and GX developer is the most professional mechanical and electronic programming software in China. Then, how to install Mitsubishi PLC programming software? Let’s go and have a look!

Software name:
Mitsubishi PLC programming software (GX developer) v8.86 Chinese Free Version (with installation serial number)
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2018-11-13Download now

Mitsubishi PLC programming software installation tutorial:

1. First, you need to unzip the downloaded installation package to the specified folder.

2. Then you need to install the environment on your computer, open the environment installation file, and then double-click the “setup” file to install.

3. Click next according to the installation prompt until “end” is displayed, and then the general environment is installed.

4. After installing the general environment, you need to install the main program. Click the main program folder, and then double-click the “setup” installation file to start the installation.

5. Before installation, you need to close other computer software. At this time, the successful installation rate is relatively high.

6. Click “next” to continue the installation.

7. The user information interface can be filled in according to the actual situation, or the default information can be used, and then click next to confirm whether the user information is correct. If it is correct, click “yes” to continue the installation.

8. Then fill in the serial number of the product. The serial number can generally be found in the downloaded installation package.

9. Enter the component selection screen and click next.

10. Select the appropriate installation location through the Browse button, and then click next.

11. After setting, the installation will be carried out. Wait a moment and the “installation of this product is complete” will appear. At this time, you can use software programming.

After the tutorial, the above is how to install Mitsubishi PLC programming software? GX developer Mitsubishi PLC programming software installation graphic tutorial of all the contents, I hope to help you! For more software tutorials, please continue to follow the developeppaer website.