How to install matlab 2017b? Detailed installation steps of MATLAB 2017b (with decoding and serial number attached)


MathWorks launched the second half of 2017 version –MATLAB2017b(matlab r2017b), which includes several new functions of MATLAB and Simulink, six new products and updates and patches for other 86 products. The updated version fully supports the deep learning development process from data annotation, model building, training and inference, and the final model deployment. New and important deep learning functions can simplify the way engineers, researchers and experts in other fields design, train and deploy models.
In fact, another highlight of matlab2017b this time is the new component “GPU coder”, which can automatically convert the deep learning model code into NVIDIA GPU CUDA code. The CUDA code converted by GPU coder can directly and efficiently perform inference without matlab environment. The MATLAB internal benchmark test shows that the CUDA code generated by GPU coder is 7 times higher than tensorflow and 4.5 times higher than caffe2. In addition, this release adds new and important deep learning capabilities that simplify the way engineers, researchers, and other domain experts design, train, and deploy models.

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Matlab2017b installation tutorial:

1. Download and unzip the matlab2017b cracked version installation package provided by our website. Right click to unzip or use the virtual optical drive to load the installation image
2. Select “use file installation key” and click next

3. Allow user agreement, select “yes” and click next

4. Select “I have my license file installation key” and enter the serial number “09806-07443-53955-64350-21751-41297”

5. Select installation directory

6. Select the installed function, and the default is OK

7. Confirm the installation information, click Install and wait for the installation to complete

8. After installation, click next to complete the configuration

9. After the installation, open the cracking folder “patch” and copy the cracking patch to the installation directory to cover the source file
Copy: “libmwlmgrimpl. DLL” to the following file:_ startup_ The source file is overwritten in the plugins / lmgrimpl directory

Will: “license”_ Copy “r2017b. LIC” to the directory of MATLAB / r2017b / licenses

10. After the installation, you can experience the charm of the new matlab2017 by running the desktop shortcut

The above is the detailed installation steps of MATLAB 2017b. I hope it can help you. Please continue to pay attention to developer.