How to install delphi10? Delphi rad studio 10.4 Sydney activation and installation tutorial (with download)


RAD Studio 10.4It is the ultimate rad environment for developers, bringing you unimaginable convenience and speed of developing applications, and has all the capabilities and functions you need to use to improve productivity easily. The environment uses powerful visual design tools and integrated tool chain to quickly build high-performance native cross platform applications in modern C + + and Delphi!

Rad studio 10.4 provides significantly enhanced high-performance native windows support, increases productivity through excellent fast code completion, increases code speed through managed records, and enhances parallel tasks on modern multi-core CPUs, providing more than 1000 quality and performance enhancements. This release adds important new features and enhanced windows features throughout the product, as well as important productivity and performance enhancements across supported platforms. Make the application faster, more powerful, more user-friendly, easier to maintain the development of the application.

Rad studio 10.4 is the biggest improvement of Delphi code tool in many years. Code insight is provided by using language server protocol (LSP). When dealing with large projects with millions of lines of code, 10.4 can greatly improve the efficiency of developers.

PS: here new rad studio 10.4 download, including the integration of repair and registration tools, may report a virus, detailed installation tutorial please refer to the operation steps of this article!

Software name:
Delphi rad studio 10.4 Sydney architect 27.0 perfect free registration Version (with installation tutorial)
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Update time:
2020-09-03Download now
Software name:
Embarcadero Delphi 10.4 Sydney v27.0 Lite V16.0
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Update time:
2020-10-10Download now

Installation tutorial

1. Download the software and load radstudio_ 10_ 4_ 99797b.iso, run radstudio 10 4 ESD 99797b.exe as an administrator, check I agree to the rad studio license agreement, and click options

2. Select the installation path. Generally, Disk C is the default. Click browser to change the installation path

3. Here, select back first

4. Run rxkeypatch.v10.4.exe as an administrator and click the patch button

5. Return to the installation program, click next, and the following page will appear. Select the use existing license option, click Install, and wait for the installation to complete

6. Wait for the progress bar to continue the installation

7. If the installation is successful, a new pop-up window will pop up, and you can choose to close it directly; or you can choose to install by yourself

8. Complete, as shown in the figure

Rad studio 10.4 features:

-Integrated development environment (IDE) for all types of windows, MAC, mobile devices, web and other software.
-Due to the full use of object-oriented method, the work is simplified
-Design all kinds of exquisite user relationships that meet the needs of users
-Benefit from VCL Library
-Data environment support
-It can fully communicate with hardware input and output ports to generate hardware related software.
-Be able to communicate with various databases and databases
Some features of this version:
-Coordinate software platforms of different platforms and establish communication between them
-Making 64 bit versions of various programs
-Ability to design Android and IOS software using C + +
-Support and compatibility of software products and cloud services
-Ability to create software access management
-Design various taskbars with functions
-Elements with new look and feel in VCL