How to install Debian on mobile hard disk


Installing Debian’s grinding pump

Microsoft instigating VMware strike

In the past two days, I just want to make trouble. I dismantle my dear Ubuntu and install Debian

But because of joiningMicrosoft’s insider version

I was embarrassed to find that when I opened my VMware Workstation Pro 15

Look at the faceGreen screenTAT,Green screenYou know, orz

Every time I set up to perform the installation and hand over the master control of the hard disk, it pops up


A wave of malicious speculation: Microsoft to implement Hyper-V

OK, so I’ll use hyper-v

The process of installing and configuring the virtual machine is omitted

(Note: Hyper-V generation 2 can only run Windows system, and Linux system needs generation 1)

Ill fated Hyper-V

How to mount physical hard disk and physical partition in Hyper-V

Emmm, good is Microsoft’s own

How to operate it?

  1. Win + x k > open disk management

  2. Right click thePhysical hard disk, offline, right for you, put thisPhysical hard diskOffline instead of partitioning

  3. Open hyper-v-virtual machine – set to add a SCSI controller as hard disk drive, physical hard disk selection
    How to install Debian on mobile hard disk

  4. Change its controller to IDE, which makes the following steps much easier
    How to install Debian on mobile hard disk

  5. OK, then the hard disk is set up and started

0x02 an error occurred while trying to start the selected virtual machine, checkpoint operation failed

How to install Debian on mobile hard disk

Your virtual machine cannot set up checkpoint~

So I disable checkpoints… (but that means I can’t roll back using snapshotsSo I want this virtual machine. What’s the use of security
How to install Debian on mobile hard disk

So, after abandoning the power of nine cattle and two tigers, I can finally open my virtual machine

Debian 10

This is a kind of memory, some pictures are too lazy to reproduce

0x01 LVM

The structure of LVM is similar to that of train carriage. The front is the main section, and an LVM section is dragged behind

There is a constant amount of space on LVM partition (it can be expanded into LVM later)

The total space is divided into several zones, which can be converted to each other

(note that if the virtual machine uses LVM partition, it is easy to cause disk space error and overflow)

0x02 Debian 10 DVD installation switching disc

Hyper-V’s virtual optical drive is easy to switch between. It’s easy to mark the disc here

But! During the installation process, there will be a breakpoint, requiring the DVD-1 to be inserted, but it will not work after the insertion, and the subsequent installation will prompt that the DVD is incomplete (I checked many times, and the file is completeUnless there’s something wrong with the official image

My suggestion is to install with DVD-1 instead of dvd-2.dvd-3

DVD-1 already includes the complete base Debian system

Installation completed


0x03[OK] Started GNOME Display Manager


Why I’ve been stuck here for half an hour without moving?

How to install Debian on mobile hard disk

Oh, vegetable chicken Microsoft Hyper-V does not support virtual display

Well, virtual machines can be laid off

Change the BIOS and start Debian