How to install cad2021 in win11? Detailed graphic tutorial of windows11 installation CAD


Many friends said that win11 can’t install CAD, but it’s OK. Today we’ll take a look at the installation method of Auto CAD 2021: extract the file, select the decompression location, wait for decompression, enter the installation, accept the license agreement, enter the installation configuration, and click to start immediately after the installation is completed. Please see the following introduction for the detailed installation process.

Unzip file

Double click Auto CAD 2021 to extract the installation file.

Select the decompression location

choice(or default) after storage location, click OK.

Wait for the decompression process

Enter installation

After decompression,Click Install.

Accept the license agreement

After reading and accepting the agreement, click next.

Enter configuration installation

Click Install

Waiting for the installation process

Complete installation

After the installation is completed, click start immediately.

The above is a detailed graphic tutorial of windows11 installation CAD. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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