How to install and deploy owncloud?


Owncloud is a free and open source client-side to server software that can be used as a personal cloud storage solution. It includes two parts: server and client.
Owncloud is similar to Baidu network disk. It can perform cloud backup and store pictures, videos and documents in the cloud.
Ownclowd function
·Storage: pictures, documents, videos, contacts and others
·Client support: Android, IOS, maxos, windows, web, Linux
·Share: you can directly share direct links to friends
·Watch videos, documents and music online.
·Ideal for home network storage center, shared by the whole family
·You can modify the function by yourself (as a developer)

Let’s learn how to install and deploy the owncloud service simply and quickly

1、 To find the installation service of owncloud, click try.

How to install and deploy owncloud?

How to install and deploy owncloud?

2、 Install deployment

Add node – select version – fill in parameters – deployment succeeded

How to install and deploy owncloud?

How to install and deploy owncloud?

The installation and deployment process is simple and fast. The detailed installation tutorials are as follows:

How to add a node?…

How to install and deploy owncloud?…

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