How to install and activate dbschema? Database Diagram Designer dbschema installation and activation tutorial (with registration code)


How to install and activate dbschema? Dbschema is a professional and easy-to-use database diagram design software. You can add tables by dragging and dropping or pressing foreign key icons, and it has a variety of filters, data sorting mechanisms, etc. Today, editor in chief has brought you an English installation tutorial about dbschema, a database diagram designer, and a tutorial about using registration code to activate the software. If you are interested, please let me know

Software name:
Dbschema (Database Diagram Designer) v8.1.7 English installation version (with activation tutorial + registration code)
Software size:

Database Diagram Designer dbschema installation activation tutorial

Registration code

  name: lanyu

  key: 9bbd2251619a1b92966d0d48950df85f03520

1. Download the software installation package at this site, unzip and run the. Exe installation program to enter the installation wizard

2. Click Next

3. Select the software installation location and click Next

4. Select the start menu folder and click Next (default)

5. Select additional tasks, click Next (default), and wait for a moment to complete the installation

6. Check “run dbschema” and click finsh to exit the installation wizard

7. The software installation is successful, start the software, and the Yellow prompt in the upper right corner of the operation interface indicates a 15 day trial period

8. Click Help / register

9. Fill the registration information provided by this site into the registration page, and click OK

10. Pop up the following prompt, and the solution is successful

The above is a tutorial about dbschema installation and activation of Database Diagram Designer shared by developepaar. I hope it can help you. Developepaar will continue to publish more information. Welcome to pay attention.