How to insight into the market and carry out accurate operation? This is what the clothing company does


Difficult to understand the “female consumer psychology” has become a major challenge for related businesses.
Women’s clothing industry has been facing the risk of uncertainty, that is, the clothing designed and produced from the perspective of enterprises can not catch up with the changes of consumer demand.

How to insight into the market and carry out accurate operation? This is what the clothing company does

“2020 China’s clothing industry data Zhongtai Research Report” mentioned that the inventory problem is the core pain point of the clothing industry for a long time. Clothing manufacturers are often unable to accurately estimate the market consumption power and individual purchase preference, resulting in oversupply, most of the clothing can not escape the “discount” outcome.

The risk of mismatch between the production side and the demand side has always existed, but new storms are constantly emerging.
The report shows that in the face of the complex and changeable international situation and the pressure of domestic supply side reform, especially the market environment of the slowdown of macroeconomic growth during the epidemic period, the clothing industry is facing many risks and uncertainties. In the past two years, the overall revenue of China’s clothing industry is on the decline, and the industry is facing adjustment and reshuffle.

According to the analysis of the report, the decline of inventory turnover rate and the squeeze of online e-commerce on offline sales channels have become two major pain points faced by China’s clothing industry.
To this end, digital transformation has become an important direction of the clothing industry. According to the report, as one of the industries that started digital transformation earlier, the clothing industry has made preliminary intelligent progress in clothing design and production, customer relationship management, marketing channel expansion, etc.

“Undersea needle” in clothing industry

To put it bluntly, whoever can better identify consumer needs through digital solutions will take the lead in seizing the opportunity to highlight the morass.
Among them, the sensitive and changeable psychology of women’s clothing consumers has become a big test of the digital transformation of clothing enterprises.

From the middle of the last century to today’s reality, professional women, like the “Queen”, are regarded as the most difficult to capture among the consumers in the women’s wear industry. According to the report, the concentration of women’s clothing industry is relatively small due to the refusal of female consumers to hit shirts. This also makes the clothing enterprises facing professional women have to constantly bring forth new ones.
At the same time, professional women have more demand for clothing. Because of their independence, they make consumption choices beyond enterprise design, which makes garment enterprises facing urban professional women suffer from the mode of guess driven production and need to transform.

Founded in 1999, broadcast group’s main brand is one of the original urban women’s clothing brands in China. Since its establishment, the value of growing women in the city has always been the focus of brand aesthetics.
Lin Liang, vice president of Nikkei broadcasting group, made no secret that their response to consumer demand is in a major transformation of “from guess to understand”.

I’ve been guessing for a long time

Like many traditional clothing enterprises, the daily broadcasting group started in the wholesale mode, and the channel layout has been offline for many years. Therefore, the daily broadcasting group also faces the current situation of the gap between brand and consumer demand.
However, different from its peers, nisbo group has long hoped to “guess” consumers by digital means.
In 2000, that is, the second year after the establishment of nicb group, it took the lead in trying to use financial software, which is the rudiment of ERP.
In 2002, nisbo Group officially adopted ERP software.
Also from the “2020 China clothing industry data Zhongtai Research Report” shows that the digital customer relationship management system represented by CRM and ERP system will be widely used in the clothing industry until 2010.
Nicb group, which started many years earlier than its peers, has realized the 1.0 version of enterprise digitalization very early. Therefore, it started the e-commerce project in 2010 to explore the o2o market.
In 2013, the company officially changed its name to nisbo Fashion Group Co., Ltd., the group company business started, the transformation of business model started in an all-round way, from wholesale and retail to brand operation.
In 2015, nisbo group launched a multi-channel strategy, exploring the transformation from B2B to B2C mode, and then to the omni channel strategy of online and offline integration. According to Lin Liang, at that time, the daily broadcasting group carried out digital deployment in R & D and terminal stores.
In 2016, under tmall’s “all the way north” strategy, nicb group realized online ordering and offline delivery in Beijing stores, and opened up the whole link.
Since then, nisbo group has gradually realized the 3D plate making of design and development system, as well as the informatization of raw material receiving and sending and the digitalization of parking management in the factory.
“We have achieved a lot of digitization of ourselves, but it has not extended to our suppliers,” said Lin Liang. In the process of Omni channel transformation, the daily broadcasting has gradually achieved digitization in the value chain, and is increasingly aware of the importance of digitization. But how to realize the digital service after the business digitization becomes the bottleneck of the daily broadcasting group.
Shen Xuehua, director of it of nicb group, said that an important missing link in the digital chain of nicb group is to use existing data assets to support operational decisions, which has become an important task of nicb group from this year to next year. In addition, the daily broadcasting group also urgently needs to empower its digital capabilities to distributors, hoping to achieve data integration with offline channels. Therefore, the daily broadcasting group, which was under heavy pressure during the epidemic period, also invested resources in the data center project to carry out in-depth cooperation with Alibaba cloud.
The reason why we choose alicloud data center is not purely technical. Shen Xuehua said: “what we value is the ability of alicloud data center to apply and operate data.”
After the initial contact with alicloud data center in October 2019, nicb group began to build data center in March 2020, which opened a new stage of “female consumer psychology”.
How to insight into the market and carry out accurate operation? This is what the clothing company does

Now just “understand”

At present, nisbo group has used core products such as dataphin, quick audience and quick Bi of alicloud data center to launch applications in bottom layer construction, precision marketing and operation. Therefore, it has found more dimensions of “female consumer psychology” that it did not notice in the past.
In the past, nisbo group’s insight into consumers was mainly based on the professional attributes of consumers.
The consumers of “broadcast” brand definition mainly come from urban refined independent women, covering civil servants, teachers, doctors and other professions.
With the increase of the intelligence ability of the number of TV stations in the data, after a new round of digital analysis, nisbo group found the important consumer attribute of “exquisite mother”.
“We used to define consumers on the basis of social attributes,” said Wang Weiping, general manager of nisbo group brand. Now through digital analysis of the new dimensions of life roles, we can better help brands insight into the market and carry out accurate operations, such as expanding community parent-child activities and organizing children’s wear and women’s wear together to carry out membership activities, “Digital precision is very helpful to our business. It can help us operate our products accurately.”
With the help of Alibaba cloud data center, nicb group has gained a lot in market insight, global marketing and other scenarios. In 2020, tmall double 11 achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 84% in Gmv.

After understanding, we should keep up with TA

In the process of “guessing to understand” the consumer demand, the daily broadcasting group has a better understanding of “female consumer psychology”. However, how to make the production end and huge channel system to keep up with the changes of consumers’ mentality, to meet the needs of consumers in real time, has become a greater test.
For this reason, the Nippon broadcasting group began to try the quick audience capability of data center from 618 in 2020 to continuously open up the integration of global data, which requires the development of new rules for the distributor system based on the omni channel integration strategy.
In order to eliminate the concerns of dealers, the daily broadcasting group will share with them the blueprint and vision of realizing Omni channel digitalization.

“In this vision, our dealers play a very important role,” Wang Weiping said. Dealers can not only participate in the contribution, but also get the empowerment of nisbo group based on the big data chain, so as to achieve a real sense of CO creation and win-win situation and obtain better benefits.
Now, the omni channel construction based on digital ability of nicb group is progressing steadily, and digital cloud stores have been established in major cities across the country, which can help dealers around the country realize online small program orders, sales settlement and other functions.
In addition, nisbo group is also paying close attention to the follow-up effects caused by data center. “For our internal business, the data center will touch a lot of things,” Lin Liang revealed. The positioning of the data center within the group is very high, and the brand, strategy and information are all concerned about the results of the data operation. Nisbo Group expects to create a closed-loop of demand mining, commodity sales and supply chain side’s rapid response to the demand for replenishment through digital capabilities. “Through our Omni channel access to users, we can transform what users want into our integrated process and realize intelligent decision-making throughout the whole link.”
To this end, nisbo group is also looking forward to deepening the use of core products of alicloud data center in the second phase of data center project.
“Business data, data business”, Lin Liang said, “this is what Alibaba cloud data center moved us at the beginning. Now we also hope to realize real data business.”

Data center is the only way for enterprises to intellectualize their data. Alibaba believes that data center is an intelligent big data system integrating methodology, tools and organization, which is “fast”, “accurate”, “complete”, “unified” and “connected”.

Currently, it is exporting a series of solutions through Alibaba cloud, includingSolution of general data centerRetail data center solutionFinancial data platform solutionSolution of Internet Data CenterThe solution of government data centerAnd so on.

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