How to input circled numbers in computer Japanese input method?


When we write Japanese documents, we often use circled numbers, and we often need to select special symbols to insert. This method takes a lot of time. If we can input directly with the keyboard, it will greatly improve the work efficiency.

1. Switch the system input method to Japanese input method (generally pressShift+ctrl to switch to Japanese Hiragana input mode, and then press alt+~ to switch to Katakana mode

2. Click Run on the system

3. Enter in the open text boxnotepad

4. After entering Notepad, click the OK button

5. Input Japanese in the open text file: maru2 then press the spacebar, then press enter

matters needing attention:You need to install the Japanese input method first. The system has brought it. You can add it. Only the first 20 digits can be circled.

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