How to innovate blockchain application scenarios? Mohist chain helps chain ecological development


2019 will be the first year for commercial application of blockchain. Blockchain technology has been mature in terms of performance, ease of use and operability, which can support large-scale commercial applications. Facebook, JPMorgan Chase, Google, IBM, Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba and other giant companies have announced high-profile layout of the blockchain field. Mozi Security launched Mozi PAAS platform based on Ethereum technology, and reached cooperation with several domestic leading enterprises to promote the development of digital copyright application. At present, Mexican security partners include:

1. A national intellectual property trading center

Mozi uses computer vision technology to provide image and trademark retrieval and comparison service for intellectual property trading center.

2. Online cloud technology

Mozi provides photo infringement search for online cloud image technology. By using blockchain certificate storage, Beidou time stamp, and computer vision processing technology, and docking with the judicial authorities, it provides services such as certificate storage and confirmation, infringement search penetration, judicial evidence collection and evidence formation, etc.

3. Provincial newspapers

Mohist for a provincial newspaper original articles, original pictures, photos to do infringement protection. With the help of image processing, computer vision, NLP technology, whole network retrieval and fixed-point retrieval technology, the accuracy and efficiency of infringement retrieval are comprehensively improved.

4. Intellectual property chain

Mohist participates in the whole process of intellectual property digital home research and development. It provides blockchain Ethernet union chain technology, customized ERC smart contract, business whole process ecological activity settlement, copyright certification confirmation, file distributed storage, and a complete set of front-end and back-end technologies. Create a one-stop copyright chain technology process.

5. Star Studio

Star Photography Studio is the studio of top domestic photographers. It is a feast of photography and fashion for international and domestic stars and supermodels. Mozi provides blockchain storage and confirmation, judicial evidence collection, computer vision identification, and whole network retrieval and comparison for all photos of head star, so as to ensure the copyright of head star works. And build star chain together with stars.

As an emerging industry, the development of blockchain needs a good business environment and industrial climate. With the gradual improvement of blockchain laws and regulations and regulatory system in recent years, it is conducive to the overall development of the blockchain industry. It is the first step in the standardization of blockchain technology, and more and more enterprises can apply it formally. With the help of Haofeng, now Mohist chain has been implemented from concept to practical application scenarios such as Internet of things, finance and supply chain

1. Blockchain + copyright protection

“Mohist chain” is based on the underlying technology of blockchain, and takes advantage of the unforgeability of blockchain to provide copyright storage certificate for massive digital content with low cost and high efficiency, so as to realize “right confirmation upon creation, authorization by use, and right maintenance upon discovery”. The traceability characteristics of blockchain Technology effectively protect the ownership of original works by creators, Using AI to retrieve Internet level documents, once the infringement is found, the infringer’s behavior will be permanently recorded on the chain, providing protection for the originator’s subsequent rights protection.

2. Application of blockchain financial settlement

In the field of clearing and settlement, the infrastructure and business processes of different financial institutions are different. At the same time, it involves a lot of manual processing, which greatly increases the business cost. However, the data on the blockchain is distributed, and each node can obtain all transaction information. Once a change is found, it can be notified to the whole network to prevent tampering. The payment system based on Mozi chain has the characteristics of “disintermediation”. It can be said that it is a trend to change the existing payment system characterized by centralized clearing.

3. Application of ordinary deposit and judicial deposit

Mozi chain certificate storage is a storage mode of Mozi security joint third-party electronic contract platform as well as judicial expertise, audit, notarization, arbitration and other authoritative institutions to initiate the blockchain alliance chain. It supports the electronic data access certificate service, and realizes the solidification and permanent preservation of evidence by using the decentralized characteristics of blockchain. In case of any dispute arising from the notarization and arbitration of the users, the dispute can be generated at any time. Each node in the whole chain has a complete certificate, which enhances the credibility. The arbitration institution can obtain and verify the data directly from its own nodes without the certification of the third party.

4. Blockchain insurance

Through the application of blockchain technology in insurance scenarios, insurance claims can be placed under an unalterable general ledger, which helps to eliminate common fraud sources in the insurance industry; policies and shared ledgers recorded in the form of smart contracts can improve the efficiency of property insurance and accidental injury insurance; medical records can be encrypted and protected and shared among health service providers, so as to improve medical insurance Through the form of smart contract, the information security of reinsurance contract on the blockchain platform is ensured, and the payment process between insurer and reinsurer is simplified.

5. Blockchain traceability

Traceability is also one of the widely used fields of blockchain at this stage, and most of them are cross-border products and food traceability. For these products, the source of the product is very important, so a tool is needed to prove the authenticity of the product source and the traceability of the flow. The enterprise has built a product data traceability system through Mozi chain to realize the storage of big data. Therefore, tracing its essence is to use the blockchain as a certificate storage tool.

6. Application of blockchain in medical field

In the medical field, in the face of medical institutions with huge amount of information storage, a lot of sensitive information is gathered. The use of Mohist chain technology can provide a reliable solution for the privacy protection of patients. At the same time, with the use of Mohist chain technology, hospitals, doctors, patients, insurance companies and other related parties can become a part of the whole chain, so as to reduce the cost of trust between people, Reduce medical disputes and fraud.

7. Blockchain game

Blockchain provides solutions to the dilemma of the global game industry. The security features of blockchain technology are also used to ensure the ownership and transaction of game props. The application of the unforgeable characteristics of blockchain technology in game trading also makes the transaction process more secure and reliable. The correct integration of blockchain into online games shows that players can interact with each other, players can play games in an unprecedented way, and developers can develop new game types by emphasizing the unique game elements of blockchain.

8. Blockchain social networking

Privacy security and confidentiality are the basic requirements of social communication, but the blockchain advocates openness and transparency, and social information is open. With the help of the original cryptography patent technology, Mozi chain complements the block chain’s lack of asymmetric encryption and decryption ability, provides complete and secure point-to-point encryption, and provides a good sense of ceremony for social process with the help of blockchain decentralization.

9. Supply chain finance

It mainly uses Mozi chain and big data technology to establish intelligent risk control model based on banks, governments, enterprises and other comprehensive and massive reliable data, change the traditional mortgage guarantee lending mode of financial institutions, optimize the upstream and downstream commercial production activities of the supply chain, provide financial support and credit certificate for the upstream and downstream, and solve the problem of financing difficulty and high financing of small and medium-sized enterprises.

10. Blockchain integral Alliance

Make use of the ability of Mozi chain technology to create the scene application needed for the ecological merchants, and create the distribution, management and circulation network of integral (digital assets) based on blockchain technology. Any enterprise and individual can easily join in and become the asset side and channel side. In combination with the internal and external enterprises, merchants, channels, issuers, etc., it can issue, exchange and manage the integral (digital assets) To realize the exchange of different digital assets and the circulation of assets.

At present, the block chain has already stepped out of the early bubble stage of the industry, and the application scenario gradually began to fall. The entrepreneurial upsurge caused by regional chain is still continuing. Looking around the world, many countries realize the huge application prospect of blockchain technology, and begin to design the development path of blockchain from the national level. Thanks to the support and promotion of the government, Mohist security will take advantage of its own advantages in scene ecology and big data to launch the “Mozi chain” platform, focusing on technology research and development, application and service in the field of blockchain, and help chain ecological development through practice and application.