How to implement the audio and video playback function in your own app?


In recent years, the rapid growth of video and live broadcast e-commerce is mainly due to video. Live broadcast content can carry richer information than graphic content and has higher user acceptance. And as the penetration rate of live broadcast continues to deepen, it has been integrated with more and more scenes such as entertainment, learning, shopping, and work. In the second half of Internet development, with the layout of leading Internet platforms and the development of vertical applications, the live broadcast industry will usher in more diversified application scenarios, and the scale of potential users will continue to expand, and live broadcast of small programs will emerge as the times require.

Why choose Mini Program Live Streaming?

1) The development cost is low, the development cycle is short, and the development difficulty is basically similar to that of H5;

2) It is easy to spread and acquire customers, and can make full use of the high-quality traffic of social platforms;

3) It can push and pull streams, allowing the realization of Lianmai live broadcast and real-time voice and video calls.

Can live streaming of mini programs be implemented on its own APP?

With the live broadcast industry in full swing, more and more companies choose to develop their own live broadcast platforms, or hope to add audio, video and live broadcast functions to the original app. How easy is it to develop a live broadcast function?

Difficulty in live broadcasting: If you want to start live broadcasting from scratch, the technical difficulty is still very high, because there are many technical difficulties used in live broadcasting, such as video/audio processing, graphics processing, video/audio compression, CDN distribution, instant messaging And other technologies, each technology is very professional.

Live Streaming: Fortunately, the big cows in various fields have already packaged many powerful frameworks. We only need to use the frameworks written by others to quickly build a live broadcast app, which is the legendary standing big cow Programming on your shoulders.

Without reinventing the wheel, is there any way to make your own APP also have the ability to run small programs, better undertake private domain traffic, and for some existing social apps, is there any way? Replace traditional H5 live broadcast technology with small program live broadcast technology, making it easier to spread fission

At present, similar services have already been provided on the market. We call it small program container technology. What I want to share with you today is the relatively mainstream and well-known small program container technology on Github-FinClip

How to implement the audio and video playback function in your own app?

When the APP integrates the FinClip SDK, the mini-program can be run and put on the shelf in its own APP, and by combining audio and video service plug-ins, the mini-program can easily have functions such as mini-program video live broadcast, mic-connected interaction, and instant communication. Use the form of small programs to further reduce the user’s threshold for use, and can efficiently use social networks to achieve fission transmission.

FinClipWith its plug-in, embedded, lightweight and flexible product features and industry-leading advantages, it has empowered many industries such as banking, securities, government and enterprise, e-commerce, aviation, parks, retail, etc. Form more distinctive innovative application cases with compliance technology, e-government, Xinchuang, etc.

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