How to hide the nodemodules folder in IntelliJ idea?


After fetching the item from the MAC idea drop-down, execute NPM install to generate a node_ Modules depends on a folder, which is often more than 300m, so when you submit code using idea, the software reads the node_ Files in modules, node_ The number of files in the modules folder is very large, and there is no need to search and edit at ordinary times. If the project displays node_ The modules folder will cause the software to pop up or get stuck. The idea can be set to ignore the node_ Modules folder. Skip node when submitting files_ Modules folder. Let’s take a look at the hidden node_ Modules display method, think about the following introduction.

This is the default setting, node_ Modules are displayed.

clickFile button in the upper left corner.

clickSettings button

get intoEditor file types page.

Belowignore files and foldersIn the input box,Paste node_ modules;

Click OK to save.

Now look,Node is no longer visible_ Modules folder.

The above is IntelliJ idea ignoring node_ Modules folder skills, I hope you like, please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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