How to get the November update of win10? Win10 update November update upgrade steps


Microsoft today announced the release of 2019 windows 10 update November for all users running the latest version of windows 10 1903, with performance improvements, some enterprise features and quality improvements.

You can download the November update of windows 10 2019 in the following ways:

Go to windows update settings(“Set up”>“Updates and security”>“ Windows Update”)

Click Check for updates.

After “feature update to windows 10 version 1909” appears, you can choose to download and install it now.

Microsoft also announced that Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), windows update for business and volume licensing service center (vlsc) now offer 2019 windows 10 update November (version 1909).

2019 windows 10 update November includes the following features:

Create events directly from the calendar pop-up on the taskbar.

Better management of notifications, including new buttons at the top of the action center and the ability to sort notifications in the latest way.

Onedrive online content is integrated with traditional index results into the file explorer search box.

Now, when you hover over the navigation pane on the start menu, it expands to better inform you where to click.

Use your voice to activate the third party digital assistant from the lock screen.