How to format usb pen drive in Windows 10


How to format usb pen drive in Windows 10?It’s easy for end users to format USB drives. All you need to do is right-click the drive and choose format. However, if you want to format the usb pen drive using the command prompt, follow these steps to format it in Windows 10 / 8 / 7.

Format USB flash drive with CMD

There are two ways to use the command prompt. One uses a simple format command, while the other uses Diskpart. We’re going to show these two processes.

1. Use format command

2. Use Diskpart tool.

When using the Diskpart tool, you will need administrator privileges. You can also use PowerShell instead of CMD.

1] Use format command

Insert the USB drive you want to format and open file explorer. Identifies the exact drive name of the USB drive. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes here. If you use an incorrect drive letter, you will eventually format another partition and lose all data.

Ensure that there is no replication in progress and that the drive is not open in Explorer.

Type CMD at the run prompt and press enter to open the command prompt.

Type format < driveletter >: and press enter.

It prompts you for a new disk for drive I. Just press enter again.

If prompted:

Format cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. If you unmount this volume first, the format may run.

All open handles for this volume will then be invalidated.

Do you want to forcibly unmount the volume? (yes / no)

Enter y, which unmounts the volume to format it. This is because some processes are still accessing it. Uninstallation will ensure that all processes accessing the drive will stop.

If you want to use the option selection for formatting, it is recommended that you read all about the format command here.

2] Using the Diskpart tool

Diskpart is a powerful tool for managing all partitions from the command line. Make sure to remove the USB drive before running this tool.

1. Type Diskpart in the run prompt and press enter

2. After UAC, it will open a command prompt that is running the tool

3. Type list disk to list all drives connected to the computer.

4. Now insert the USB drive and run the command again.

5. This time, you will notice additional drives that need to be formatted. As far as I’m concerned, it’s disk 2

6. Next, enter select disk 2, and you will be prompted that disk 2 is now the selected disk.

7. Type clean and press enter

8. Then enter create partition primary and press enter

9. Type format FS = NTFS quick and press enter

10. Type assign and press enter to assign letters to the newly formatted drive.

When all tasks are completed, the USB drive will be formatted and empty. The Diskpart tool works differently than the standard format options in windows.

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