How to find the location of vim configuration file in win10 system?


The power of vim also indicates that it is not so friendly to ordinary users, and its learning cost is higher than other text editors. But this doesn’t affect our enthusiasm for it. Today we’ll take a look at the process of finding VIM’s configuration file in win10 system. For details, please see the introduction below.

Software name:
GVIM text editor (enhanced version of VI editor for Windows) v8.0.69 official installation version of multi languages
Software size:

1. First, we run in Windows terminalvim

2. Generally input in the bottom command line modeVersion and enterInformation including the profile path appears.

3. Here we find three useful path information,

system vimrc file: "$VIM\vimrc" 
user vimrc file: "$HOME\_vimrc" 
defaults file: "$VIMRUNTIME\defaults.vim"

But the $sign follows a variable, so we can’t find a direct path here

4. We need to use it to the endEcho command in command mode, to print the real path that our three variables point to


:echo $VIM 
:echo $HOME 


I don’t have all the maps here, just one:$home path

5. The display is in the user folder. Let’s go in and have a look. If it does exist, we will find the location of the configuration file here. As for how to configure, I will continue to discuss in the later update.

The above is the view method of vim configuration file location under windows. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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