How to find excellent open source projects


How to find excellent open source projects

1. Preface

This article describes how to find excellent open source projects on GitHub and find the mine you want.

GitHub, as the world’s largest same-sex dating website, is also a very rich mine.

GitHub is sometimes more useful than Google, and if you don’t know how to use it to mine, you’re not a qualified programmer.

GitHub is a treasure house, but there is no treasure map. GitHub, a hundred million excellent open source projects, has nothing to do with you.

Ordinary people brush their friends, microblogs, TV dramas and Zhihu when they are free, while some people brush GitHub when they are free to see what popular projects they have recently. As time goes by, the gap is growing. So how to find excellent open source projects?

I have been doing front-end development for many years, and I brush GitHub almost every day. I am also a heavy user of GitHub, and I have mastered some skills, so I will write how I use it to mine!

My blog address: GitHub.

2. Fllow

Focus on the active bulls on GitHub.

There is a wechat like circle of friends on GitHub homepage. The actions of all the people you pay attention to (like wechat friends), such as create, star and fork, will appear on your timeline. This way is suitable for lazy people like me, who don’t need to take the initiative to find projects. This is basically a very important way for me to get information every day.

Some big bulls create, star and fork a project, largely because the project is well done or useful to them.

For example, the actions function on GitHub has not been available for a long time, and many people still can’t use it. Then teacher Ruan Yufeng created a GitHub actions demo warehouse today.

Another example: it will be the Mid Autumn Festival in a few days, so many people rob tickets to go home, so many people star the 12306 intelligent ticket brushing and booking project.

For example, the following figure is about some of the big bulls that I’ve focused on today’s star project.

How to find excellent open source projects

Don’t know how to pay attention to these people? So it’s very simple. It’s almost the same to pay attention to my biaochenxuying and some big bulls that I pay attention to on GitHub. Because I pay attention to many big bulls that are active on GitHub, I usually see that the active big bulls will continue to pay attention.

How to find excellent open source projects

Maybe many people don’t want to fllow others, because they don’t want to be seen by others, and they don’t want to admit that others are better than themselves.

But I want to say:Admit that others are better than yourself

You Yuxi, the author of vue.js, is a good bull. He has paid attention to a lot of big bulls and learned from others, let alone us.

How to find excellent open source projects

Active refers to: often do open source projects on GitHub, star others excellent projects, fork others excellent projects, flow others, or blog.

But it’s not very useful for you to pay attention to too many big bulls that are higher than your level, often not very helpful for you at present, so the purpose of paying attention to top-level big bulls should be to better know the dynamic or direction of the industry.

Pay more attention to the big bulls with a higher level or two. For example, if you are a primary front-end, you should pay more attention to the intermediate or advanced front-end. Only the front-end with a higher level or two focuses on the content or knowledge you are going to learn or use.

As for why we only focus on the active big cattle, because we can get something from him. If a technical big cattle is really powerful, but it doesn’t help you, it’s useless to focus on Ta!

3. Explore Repositories

GitHub will also push some warehouses that you may be interested in, as soon as you open, it will appear. For example, the figure below is the warehouse that I pushed today.

How to find excellent open source projects

4. Explore

4.1 Trending

Trend: the meaning of trend.

On the trending page, you can see some popular open source projects or developers recently. This page is the best way for many people to actively access some open source projects and active developers.

First click explore = > trending.

  • You can choose whether you want to see open source projects or developers. Just switch between repositories and developers.
  • You can select “hot today”, “hot in a week” and “hot in a month” to view.
  • You can select language classes to view. For example, if you want to view the recent popular Vue projects, you can select Vue language on the right.

How to find excellent open source projects

This page recommends you to visit every few days and actively explore some excellent open source projects.

4.2 Topics

You can also see the best projects in a topic or field in topics.

For example, front end

How to find excellent open source projects

5. Star

Because I have done several open source projects, I know that the number of stars will give the author motivation. The more people click star, the more driving force to maintain this open source project.

The author often sees good, interesting, useful, or useless, excellent open-source projects that will be used in the future, will star. When it comes to encouraging the author of this open-source project, I hope that TA can better maintain this open-source project, which can be found in the projects that star has used in the future.

I don’t want to fork other people’s projects, unless I want to study the source code of the project in depth, I will fork.

Others regard fork as collection, while I regard star as collection and fork as research

So you can also find excellent open source projects in some Daniel‘s star list. For example, the author has many excellent open source projects, as shown in the following figure.

How to find excellent open source projects

If you look in the author’s star list, you should have a surprise. You will find many interesting and practical projects.

Because the author has studied in front-end, tutorial, free e-book, tools, resources, interview, GIT’s unique skills, interesting and practical projects and so on.

For example:

  • Oil monkey script a script to get Baidu Online
  • Summarize the concept, methods and tools of scientific Internet access

6. Search

In addition to the usual active discovery of excellent open source projects, active search is a very important skill. Many things that Baidu or Google can not find can be found on GitHub.

Enter search keywords to select sorting method, language and warehouse.

How to find excellent open source projects

7. summary

GitHub There are a lot of excellent open source projects. It’s better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. Please take the initiative to explore the open source projects you need. Whether it’s applied to actual projects or source code learning, it’s an important channel to improve your work efficiency and skills. One day, you will suddenly realize that you have gone so far unconsciously !

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Feel good, may as well forward, point praise, is a great encouragement to my conscience!

Reference article: starting from 0, learn GitHub series “how to find excellent open source projects? “

How to find excellent open source projects