How to encrypt MAC partition? Mac partition encryption setup tutorial


How to use MAC partition encryption? For many Mac users with a bear child in their home, setting up a guest account is not enough. Although it can protect your system disk, it has no protection for other hard disk partitions. At this time, the partition encryption function can be used. Here’s how to set the partition encryption function to protect the data in MAC disk from being damaged. Here are the detailed steps:

How to use MAC partition encryption

1. Find and open finder in the dock column;

2. Right click the partition name in the sidebar;

3. Select “Encrypt ‘xxx (partition name)”

4. Enter the password, then enter again, and finally set a password prompt;

5. Click “encrypted disk”.

The system then encrypts the partition you choose, depending on the size of the disk and how much content there is. After the encryption is completed, you can only see the content by entering the preset password. When you use the main account, you can choose to add the password to Keychain to avoid repeated input each time.