How to enable Directx3d acceleration in win10


How to quickly start DirectX 3D acceleration of win10 hardware?3D hardware acceleration of win10 system is to use the inherent fast characteristics of hardware to make the picture more realistic, delicate and smooth. In computer games, we usually turn on 3D hardware acceleration, because in this way we can play some large-scale online games. How to turn on 3D hardware acceleration in computer? This is a question that many friends have consulted Xiaobian recently. In fact, hardware acceleration is to use hardware module instead of software algorithm to make full use of the inherent fast characteristics of hardware. Next, I will bring you the content about how to open 3D hardware acceleration, welcome to read!

How to start 3D acceleration in win10 system:

Method 1

First, press the [win + R] key at the same time to open the [run] dialog box. Enter dxdiag and click OK to open DirectX diagnostic tool.

Switch to the display tab in the DirectX diagnostic tool. If the 3D diagnostic tool is closed, you will see the following figure.

To restart 3D acceleration, first right-click the blank space on the desktop and select new – text document.

Then click to select the new document, right-click to select Rename, and rename it to open 3D acceleration. Reg. Be sure to change the suffix of the file. To display the file extension, you can refer to the previous experience, I will also add the link below.

How to display 0 text document

Then use Notepad to open the above. Reg file and enter the following contents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00









Save and exit.

Then double click to open the registry file of 3d.reg. When you see the import prompt, click Yes.

Click OK to export successfully.

Open DirectX diagnostic tool again, 3D acceleration is successful.

Note the above registry file content copy must pay attention to the format. Just keep the format in the picture.

Method 2

1. To turn on Direct3D, you must have the support of graphics card, graphics card driver and operating system (Windows XP and later systems certainly support it);

2. First, check the manufacturer and model of the graphics card to see if it supports this function. Note that this function cannot be enabled if the graphics card does not support it. Fortunately, almost all mainstream independent graphics cards and processor core graphics cards support Direct3D. However, some older integrated (on-board) graphics cards may not support it. (the information you can get from the figure is DirectX 10.1 Intel HD graphics card, but the manufacturer shows it as ATI, which is totally out of date, so I can’t confirm the model of the graphics card. )

3. If the graphics card supports it, first download the latest driver package of the corresponding model from the graphics card manufacturer’s website and install it;

4. Then go to “control panel” to find “display”, switch to “Settings” tab, open “advanced”, and enable all hardware acceleration functions in “troubleshooting”. (if the system is abnormal due to hardware acceleration, please restore the original settings. )

5. Finally, if you need to support Direct3D in the game, you need to go to the Microsoft Download Center to download the “DirectX end user runtime” installation program and install the required DirectX support library.

1: Flash settings

Flash has introduced the hardware acceleration function of graphics card since 10, which can greatly improve the speed and fluency of flash playback. If the graphics hardware acceleration is not turned on, then the game card is normal.

Setting method:

Right click on the game page, the settings options will pop up, and then click the settings button.

In the flash settings interface, click the first icon in the lower left corner to display the settings. Remember the icon. Then check the option to enable hardware acceleration.

Finally, click Close and press F5 to refresh the game page.

2: Browser

Some browsers are unable to turn on the hardware acceleration function of flash3d by default, resulting in the following situations:

1: The flash settings page does not display the settings options.

2: After the flash is set, the browser will automatically change back. For example, in 360 security browser version 6.1 (version 6.2 has been repaired), you will not be able to manually turn on flash 3D acceleration, resulting in the game card.


1: To switch the browser to compatibility mode, you can set it on the right side of the address bar in the upper right corner of the browser. This screenshot is 360 speed browser. Other browsers have similar functions. Just select compatibility mode.

2: Upgrade your browser to the latest version.

3: Change the browser.

3: Flash version.

It is recommended to update the system software regularly, so that your computer can play a 100% performance.

4: Graphics driver.

If the above methods are not solved, it is likely to be a system problem.

Open the start menu, select run, or press Win + R to call up the Run menu, and then enter dxdiag

In the open direct diagnostic tool, if the red area in the figure below is not enabled, it is likely to be your system problem.

terms of settlement:

1: Graphics card driver update upgrade your graphics card driver to the latest version according to your graphics card model

2: Upgrade the graphics card configuration, some of the old integrated graphics card, the performance is not enough to run 3D games, it is recommended that you upgrade the computer configuration.

Older integrated graphics cards include:

Intel GMA 500, GMA 3150, 82945G Express, G33/G31,

Mobile 4 Series Express, HD Graphics

VIA Chrome9 HC3 AMD DirectX 9 adapters (ATI RADEON X1950)

ATI Mobility FireGL V5250 & V5700

Very old (Windows Vista-era) Nvidia GPUs

The above is a tutorial about how to open 3D acceleration in win10 system shared by developer. 3D acceleration makes use of the inherent fast characteristics of hardware to make the picture more realistic, delicate and smooth. In computer games, we usually turn on 3D hardware acceleration, because in this way we can play some large-scale online games. I hope this tutorial can help you.