How to enable and close the delete back key of safari6 browser


The speed and experience of Apple’s Safari 6 browser is much better than that of safari 5, but there is a bit of discomfort: I used to press the delete key to go back to the previous web page. After upgrading to safari 6, this function is no longer available. By default, I can only click the leftmost arrow on the toolbar or swipe left with two fingers on the touch pad to go back.

If you want to retrieve the previous function of pressing the delete key to back up: exit Safari, open the terminal (if you can’t find it, click the magnifying glass button on the upper right corner of the MAC screen, and search “terminal” with spotlight), click the following command, and press enter.

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The codes are as follows:

  defaults write -bool YES

Restart the safari browser, and the backward function of the delete key returns.

If you want to remove the delete key back function of Apple Safari 6 browser, just like the above command, change the last “yes” to “no”.