How to download Mac version Aliwangwang


Mac users will encounter the situation that they can’t open the Aliwangwang plug-in in in the browser. They can download and install a Mac version of Aliwangwang to use it. Today, developeppaer will share with you how to download and install the Mac version of Aliwangwang. Let’s have a look!

Software name:
Official free version of Aliwangwang for Mac v8.00.43
Software size:
Update time:
2018-03-17Download now

 Mac version of Aliwangwang how to download, install and use graphic tutorial

No users can download the latest version of the Mac version of Aliwangwang

  Then install it correctly


After installation, it can be used on Taobao. See the following steps for specific usage:


After clicking, the user can chat normally on the client. After clicking, the user must click “start application”. Of course, users who often chat can choose “remember this type of link”:



In this way, users can normally talk with businesses, and of course can also send pictures or links and other basic operations, which need users to explore slowly!