How to download and set vscode (Visual Studio code) v1.43.0 into Chinese language


Visual studio code (referred to as vs Code / VSC) is a free and open source modern lightweight code editor, which supports syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, user-defined hotkeys, bracket matching, code fragments, code contrast diff, GIT and other features, and optimizes web page development and cloud application development. The vs code editor interface is still Microsoft’s classic vs style, which will be very friendly to people who often contact with it.

Support c + +, jade, PHP, python, XML, batch, f #, dockerfile, coffee script, Java, handlebars, R, Objective-C, PowerShell, Luna, visual basic, markdown, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, less, sass, C #, typescript (support) in programming language and syntax.

Next, let’s install vs Code and set it to Chinese language environment

1. Vs code can be downloaded directly from vs code official website( )It can also be downloaded directly from Baidu software home.

VS Code官网下载

2. The installation process is very simple. You can directly operate step by step, not to mention here

3. After successful installation, open vs Code and press the shortcut key(ctrl+shift+p), appears in the search box“configure language”As shown in the figure:


4. Select from the search results“Configure Display LanguageThe following figure is obtained


5. Click“lnstall additional languages…“To see the figure below, click the“Install“Then, set the Chinese language environment.



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