How to do if the computer always prompts funkoala64.dll error after boot?


Originally, my computer is in good condition, but these days, after the computer starts up, there are always startup errors, and an interface rundll window appears: “there is a problem when I start C + + users / public / fundata / funkoala64.dll”. What should I do? Small editor through their own methods to deal with this problem, here small editor introduces the processing method, hope to help you need a reference, then how to deal with the computer boot prompt start funkoala64.dll error, please see.

Software name:
Qihoo 360 security guard v10.0.0.2001 official version
Software size:
Update time:
2015-04-23Download now

1. Here small make up first their own error interface in here, you can see, here experience for reference only.This may be your computer installed after the popular uninstall, did not uninstall clean, the system appears residual files.First of all, uninstall the popular computer installation. If you still have this problem, you can refer to the following for handling.

2. If the computer has 360 security guard installed, we can open 360 security guard. After opening 360 security guard, we click the optimization acceleration option here in the interface.

3. At this time, we click here to start scanning to optimize the system.When finished, click optimize now.

4. Of course, in this interface, we can click the startup item here to open it.

5. From the startup plug-in, we will close and start the popular plug-ins here.

6. Here we click hereButton, the directory where the file is opened appears.

7. At this point, we clickFundata folderOpen the superior folder of.

8. And then we willFundata folder deleteIf it can’t be deleted, we can smash it with 360 crusher, so we can delete this folder.

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