How to dismantle the mainframe of desktop computer?


For people who use desktop computers, they always want to take them apart when they have problems, but how can we take them apart? How to build a desktop computer? The following is a detailed introduction of the structure and disassembly method of the host

1. First, unplug all the wires behind the main unit,Then, open the back cover of the chassis by unscrewing the two big screws

2. Remove the memory, remove the lock at both ends of the memory module and pull out the memory module;

3. Remove the hard disk,Unplug the two threads of the hard disk, and then loosen the screw to fix the hard disk

4. Remove the video card, pull out the card lock in the lower right corner, open the screw, and take it out with upward force

5、Remove CPU, as shown in the figure is the CPU fan. We turn on several corners of the fixed fan and take off the fan to see our CPU. If we install it back, we must tighten the fan;

6、Remove the optical drive,Unplug the two thread ends of the optical drive, and screw the screw to remove the optical drive;

7、Remove the power supplyTurn on all the screws to fix the power supply and take them out together with a lot of wires;

8、Remove the motherboard, that is to say, we can remove the motherboard from the chassis by unscrewing the screws of the board.

9. Finally, we will assemble the computer according to the above method, cover the case cover, and plug in all the cable ends. The detailed case circuit is shown in the figure

matters needing attention:If you don’t know anything about the structure of the computer host, you’d better find a professional to maintain it.

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