How to disable USB disk and USB storage tools to prevent the leakage of USB port?


At present, U-disk, mobile hard disk and other devices are widely used, and the capacity is growing. How to prevent copying computer files through U-disk and USB storage devices, and protect the security of computer files? There are two ways:

1、 Through the registry to prohibit the use of U disk, and add it to the right-click menu, so that you can quickly shield the use of U disk and allow the use of U disk by clicking the mouse.

Step 1: click Start / run, enter regedit in the run dialog box and press enter. After opening the registry editor, expand the


Step 2: find HKEY_ Classes / root / CLSID / 20d04fe0-3aea-1069-a2d8-08002b30309d / shell branch




Step 3: right click the “shell” item and select the “new / item” command in the pop-up menu, rename it to “disable U disk”, and create a new “enable U disk” item at the same time

Disable USB flash disk

Enable U disk

Step 4: respectively   Disable USB flash disk   and   Enable USB flash disk   Right click to create a new item named “command”.


Step 5: in the right window of disable upan, double-click “(default) string value in the right pane to open the” Edit string “window, and then enter” reg “in the” numerical data “column   ADD   HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesUSBSTOR  / f  / v   Start  / t   REG_ DWORD  / d   4 “(without double quotes), and finally click OK.

REG ADD HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesUSBSTOR /f /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4

In the same way, in the right window of the USB flash drive, just input “reg” in “numerical data”   ADD   HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesUSBSTOR  / f  / v   Start  / t   REG_ DWORD  / d   3”


Step 6: go to the desktop – my computer to see the results.


2、 Through the special computer U disk management software, USB interface disable software to quickly limit the use of U disk and easily enable U disk.

At present, if you think the above method is more complex, or you want to limit the mobile hard disk, mobile phone and other devices with USB storage function, in this case, with the help of special computer USB disk management software, USB shielding software is relatively simple.

     For example, there is a “general trend to USB port management software” (download address: clicking the mouse, you can quickly disable or enable the U-disk, and at the same time, you can precisely control the U-disk: you can completely prevent the use of the U-disk (if you want to restore the use of the U-disk, you only need to click “restore the use of the USB storage device, mobile phone or Bluetooth”, which is very simple), or you can only let specific U-disk use; You can only copy files from the USB flash disk to the computer, but you can’t copy files from the computer to the USB flash disk, or you must input the password when copying files to the USB flash disk, so as to greatly protect the security of computer files. As shown in the figure below:


Figure: forbid U disk software, also forbid email attachment, forbid Internet disk and block forum

In addition, the use of “general trend to disable USB interface software” can also prohibit the computer from sending e-mail attachments, Internet disk uploading, FTP uploading and QQ sending files, so as to further protect the security of computer files. At the same time, these operations can be enabled or disabled with just a click of the mouse, which is very simple, and can also meet the needs of real-time network behavior control of enterprises and institutions.

In a word, no matter how to create shortcut keys through the registry or through the special computer USB interface management software, you can realize the use of USB storage devices such as U-disk. However, compared with the registry, it is more simple and effective to restrict and enable U-disk through the special computer USB interface disable software, Specific enterprises can choose according to their own needs.