How to disable image cache reconstruction in preview 1803 of win10 RS4?


Win10 system will automatically rebuild the image cache for each period of time by default, so it will repeatedly read and write to the hard disk, which is a waste of resources. How can we prohibit rebuilding the image cache? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

1. Right click the start button in the lower left corner of the desktop, and select the Run menu item in the pop-up menu.

2. At this time, the windows 10 operation window will be opened, and the command will be entered in the windowregedit, and then click the OK button.

3. In the open registry editor window, navigate toHKEY? Local? Machine \ software \ Microsoft \ windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ volumecache \ thumbnail cache registry key

4. Find it in the window on the rightAutorun registry key

5. Right clickAutorun key value, select from the pop-up menu“Modification “Menu item.

6. The window to edit the key value of the registry will be opened,Change the numerical data to 0, finally, click OK to restart the computer.

The above is the technique of forbidding rebuilding image cache in preview 1803 of win10 RS4. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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