How to dim the desktop screen display? The solution to the problem that the computer display can’t be dimmed


I believe that some new computers bought by partners will appear “desktop computer screen display is set to the darkest, but still very light, how to do?” Or “what if the desktop screen is set to the brightest but still very dark?” In fact, in addition to adjusting the brightness on the display, you can also further lower the brightness of the software in the setting panel of the independent graphics card (this has nothing to do with the brightness adjustment on the display, and you don’t have to worry about “it can’t be adjusted if it has been adjusted to the lowest level”). The step is win7 system.

1. Open it firstcontrol panel

2. ChoiceHardware and sound

3. ChoiceNVIDIA control panel That is to enter the setting of independent graphics cardpanel

4. Select on the left side of the pop-up pageDisplay – adjust desktop color settings

5. At this time, you can see that the option to adjust the luminosity already appears on the right, but you still can’t adjust it at this time, because you have to select it first“Using NVIDIA settings”After that, it can adjust itself.

6. OK, after finishing the previous step, you can adjust the brightness!

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