How to develop live video app and web version?


Several function points customized for live video app and web page development:

1. The main function of live broadcast software is to support mobile app and computer video live streaming, stabilize and low delay, and ensure smooth and clear picture transmission.

2. The anchor directly connects to Mai PK and interacts with users, including words and expressions.

3. Users can directly purchase gifts and identity cars with online payment through mobile live broadcast app. Reward the anchor. After receiving the gift, the anchor can convert it to the platform.
How to develop live video app and web version?

A set of mature live broadcast platform app and web version system should basically do the following:

1. Ensure live video quality and user experience

2. Low delay of live app screen

Data transmission is the mode that the live video client uploads to the server, and then the server transmits to the client. High quality transmission technology design is the key factor to ensure the smooth live broadcasting of the system.

3. Full platform terminal support, system integrity: Video point live broadcasting system, which supports one click broadcasting of anchor on PC, Android and IOS, direct viewing by users, complete closed-loop of a full set of technologies, and direct online operation.

A mature live broadcasting platform with relatively mature source code. For operators, it can be built and put into operation directly, or it can be redeveloped on demand after obtaining the source code to save time and put into use.

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