How to develop a successful mobile Bi? It is enough to master these five factors


Mobile phone has become a part of our life and work, and Bi is also developing in the direction of mobility. And more and more users use Bi. These users don’t work at their desks for a long time. With the joint promotion of technological development and user needs,Mobile BiHas become the mainstream.

Therefore, if you plan to launch a new Bi based on mobile terminals, the following factors are of great reference value.

(1) Purpose of Bi

This sounds simple, but a mobile Bi project must start by thinking about what your BI application needs to do. Enterprises should spend some time planning the standards of Bi processes in detail, and ask the employees who most often use Bi for their opinions, so as to improve the ease of use of mobile Bi according to the feedback. In this way, all employees do not have to scroll through lengthy lists or start Bi tasks with multiple clicks when using mobile Bi.

How to develop a successful mobile Bi? It is enough to master these five factors

(2) Development model

You have many choices here. Mobile Bi can build a native application, which means that the application is device and platform specific: one version is Android, the other is IOS, and any other platform.

Mobile Bi can be deployed as a mobile web application, which runs completely on your server and is accessed by using HTML5 mobile browser.

Alternatively, you can use WebView mixed mode to display HTML content in combination with locally selected components.

Several methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, which need to be selected by enterprises according to their own situation.

How to develop a successful mobile Bi? It is enough to master these five factors

(3) Connect

Even today’s fastest network, it is difficult for mobile phone users to really explore interactive data.

Downloading large data sets takes too much time, and visual display of large orders of data will crash mobile devices, even the most powerful mobile devices. In view of this, it is meaningful to do as much data processing as possible on the server side. Smart developers are already building their own desktop web applications in this way. The technology and experience of this basic work can also be applied to mobile platforms.

(4) Safe

The BI system holds some of the company’s most valuable data, so the company is worried that these most valuable data will be leaked through hundreds of mobile devices that are easy to be lost or stolen. Therefore, you must consider how an application uses the existing identity authentication provider (IDP) and how the application processes the data (including temporary data).

How to develop a successful mobile Bi? It is enough to master these five factors

(5) Functions of equipment

Mobile devices enable users to do more than just consume information. With the support of camera, GPS positioning and other functions, the mobile phone can also input data into your BI system. The camera can scan bar codes (or faces), and GPS can help users find nearby resources, including human and material resources.

The above factors can enable you to successfully develop a mobile Bi, but not every enterprise needs to start from scratch. In fact, there are many mature mobile BI products on the market, and the purchase of such products can greatly reduce the investment cost. For example, smartbi launched by Guangzhou smart software has very powerful mobile terminal functions. Smartbi mobile Bi publishes and interacts data through app, providing unified mobile application functions: portal display, report browsing, offline storage and offline browsing.