How to determine whether the image has been PS? And how to find the original image?


When shopping online or searching for information, I’ve heard that “there’s a picture, there’s a truth”, but in many cases, there’s not necessarily the truth. Because now a lot of pictures will pass through PS, many times what appears in front of us is not the real and original pictures.

So for an image, how can we determine whether it has gone through PS, and how to find the original image?


There is a big mystery in exif

We all know that when we use mobile phones or cameras to take pictures, these devices will write the corresponding EXIF information in the current photos, such as the equipment taken, the exposure, etc. If the photo is post processed (such as PS), the information will change, so you can judge whether the photo has been modified by looking at the EXIF information of the photo.

To view the EXIF information, just open the corresponding photo in the explorer, and then right-click to select“Properties → details”Then you can see the detailed information in the open window, such as the camera manufacturer, flash mode and so on.

View the EXIF information of the photo

If the photo has been processed by PS, we can use the above method to view the details again, and we can see that a new one will be added in the properties window“Program name”This photo has been edited with PS, and this information cannot be deleted or edited in the Explorer by default. This also means that as long as the words “Adobe Photoshop CS6” appear in the photo, it means that the photo has been photoshopped.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 will be displayed in photos after PS

Find more details about fake images

However, it should be noted that most of the time, it is still impossible to determine the authenticity of a photo by simply viewing the EXIF information. Because some EXIF information can be manually edited, for example, the camera manufacturer and model information can be directly modified in the explorer. A photo is obviously taken by an unknown fake mobile phone. If the user changes it to iPhone 6, how can we judge?

The camera model and manufacturer can be easily changed by modifying the EXIF information

The modified EXIF information can be judged by JPEGsnoop. JPEGsnoop is a professional software used to detect the authenticity of photos and the integrity of EXIF data. After starting JPEGsnoop, drag the photos that need to be identified to the program window, so that JPEGsnoop will automatically read the photo EXIF information. At the end of the window, the specific test results will be displayed, such as“Class 1 – image processed / edited”, means the photo has been edited.

JPEGsnoop can check whether the picture has been edited

JPEGsnoop through“Class X”Generally, if the result is class 3, the photo is original, class 1 and class 2 indicate that the photo EXIF metadata has been modified, and class 4 means that the evidence is not enough to judge. For the photos identified as class 4, we can make further judgment based on other knowledge points.

For example, the above-mentioned photo taken by modifying the ordinary mobile phone to iPhone 6 is 3264 × 2448 in the 8-megapixel photos configured by iPhone 6. However, the resolution of the modified photo is 2085 × 1456, which is obviously a fake photo taken by iPhone 6.

The authenticity of photos can be judged by viewing other information

Enlarge the photo to show the true shape

Of course, forgers can also fake by modifying the EXIF information to match the photos taken by the iPhone 6. For this kind of forgery, we can combine other characteristics of the photo to make a comprehensive judgment. Take the photos provided on some dating websites as an example. Some of the so-called plain photos provided by some blind dates are gorgeous. We can enlarge the pictures by 300% or even 500% with the help of PS or drawing software to check the details of the pictures. If the pictures have PS, after zooming in many times, it will be obvious that it is unnatural in some excessive places. We can judge the photos by these details It was processed.

In PS, the modification trace can be found by enlarging the details of the photo

Color discrimination

In addition, we can judge according to some characteristics of the camera. In terms of imaging, Canon’s digital SLR has such characteristics. The cheaper the entry-level model is, the more vivid and sharp the imaging is. The more high-end models, the effect of direct production is often more simple and neutral. Because the default sharpness and saturation of low-end entry-level models are often set higher, while the high-end models pursue the material quality, the direct film production effect is relatively simple. If the low-end SLR is forged into a high-end SLR, then the possibility of counterfeiting can be judged from the color of the photo.

In a word, in order to judge whether a photo is true or not, in addition to checking with EXIF information, combining with the characteristics of the photo and the characteristics of the shooting equipment, we can basically accurately judge the authenticity of a photo.

Where to find the original photos

When a picture is found to be false, how can we find it if we need the original one? Need to find the original source of the picture, we can use various kinds of network intelligent map recognition to search. For example, in a QQ group, the author sees a picture suitable for the promotion of Yilabao, but the size of the picture is only 496 × 966. Obviously, this is only a small edited picture. If you want to make Yilabao, you must find the original source and download the PSD source file before you can use it to make finished products. Now open it And then click “local upload” to upload the small image. After the upload is successful, Baidu will automatically help us find similar pictures.

The same kind of pictures can be found through Baidu map recognition

Through careful comparison, we can see that the original image of this picture is from Click the link to see the source of the original image. We can see that the original PSD image of the picture is provided here, with a resolution of 1535 × 2835, which is the original material suitable for making Yilabao.

be careful:

When downloading and using the pictures from the Internet, please do it within the scope of the copyright law, instead of neglecting the copyright of the original author and causing disputes of embezzlement.

The above is how to determine whether the picture has been PS and how to find the original picture related introduction, you can follow the above steps, I hope this article can help you!