How to delete useless icons in computer devices and drives? How to delete icons of mobile devices in my computer


After installing 2345 mobile assistant by mistake, although it is unloaded, there are still annoying my mobile icon. This experience is used to help delete it

1. Presswin+rFound“function

2. Input“regedit”Open registry

3. Open the registry and navigate to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace

4. Here are some items, some of which come with the system, as follows:

Music {1cf1260c-4dd0-4ebb-811f-33c572699fde}

Download {374de290-123f-4565-9164-39c4925e467b}

Picture of {3add1653-eb32-4cb0-bbd7-dfa0abb5acca}

{a0953c92-50dc-43bf-be83-3742fed03c9c} video

{a8cdff1c-4878-43be-b5fd-f8091c60d0} document

{b4bfcc3a-db2c-424c-b029-7fe99a87c641} desktop

Don’t move these. Delete all the useless items except this one,For example, the 2345 mobile assistant icon is {9630fb97-23de-4127-bc22-fae2c2dd6af8}, and then close the registry.

5. Turn on my computer and refresh it. The annoying icon is gone

matters needing attention:For stubborn icons, such as 2345 mobile assistant icon, other icons such as PPS should be in HKEY_ CURRENT_ User, the method is similar

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