How to delete the shadow of block button on the computer screen?


Sometimes I find that there is a translucent box, or a button, on the computer. It’s always there, and it can’t move or drop. How can I remove the translucent shadow? Now I will share with you how to remove the shadow.

1. This is the shadow on this screen. Pictured

2. Right click the computer, as shown in the figure, and a drop-down menu will pop up. Select last【attribute】A button with the words.

3. Then select from the pop-up page【Advanced system settings】As shown in the figure.

4. On the system properties page, select the first item, the【Set up】A button with the words.

5. As shown in the figure, then select【Adjust to best look】A button with the words.

6. Finally, click the【application】A button with the words.

7. Wait about half a minute, and the shadow on your computer screen will be gone.

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