How to delete Safari browsing records in MAC


How to delete the browsing records of safari in Mac? Sometimes we don’t want to leave a trace when we use the browser to browse the web. What should we do? In fact, it is very simple. You can set the deletion on the browser. The following Mac version of safari browsing record deletion tutorial, let’s have a look!

  How to delete the browsing records of safari in Mac?

1. Delete browsing traces in hours

2. Delete browsing traces of the day

3. Delete today’s and yesterday’s browsing traces

4. Delete all browsing records and related data

1. Select “clear history and website data” in the menubar of Safari

mac版safari浏览记录怎么删除 mac safari浏览记录删除教程

2. In the clear menu, select an action that you think is reliable

  the last hour


  today and yesterday

  all history

mac版safari浏览记录怎么删除 mac safari浏览记录删除教程1

3. Click “clear history” safari to clear the website data, cookies, historical records and other related information in this period. It takes effect immediately after you click it. You don’t need to open Safari again.

At the same time, you will see a prompt that “the browsing history of accessing the device with icloud account will be deleted”. This means that this operation will be performed on all Macs and IOS devices with the latest version of safari that are logged in with the same account, which is a good feature that can be used to delete the browser cache or history of the remote computer.

The above features will work well when you visit the website and you are still worried about it, but if you are trying to protect your privacy, a better solution is to prevent temporary local storage of any website data. Basically speaking, this is Safari’s private browsing mode, which can be found in Safari’s menu as follows.

mac版safari浏览记录怎么删除 mac safari浏览记录删除教程2

When this mode is turned on, Safari will automatically disable the local caching of all website history, cached cookies or other forms of data in the browsing thread. After closing the window, you will not leave any footprints. Private browsing mode is very easy to use and also provides a secure separate browsing experience on MAC and IOS devices.