How to delete flash player plug-in completely in MAC system


How can MAC completely remove flash player plug-in? Recently, the flash player plug-in on the MAC of the developer’s editor took off again. In order to see the flash installed by Youku for Safari, my MacBook fan whirred and consumed so much power that I couldn’t accept it at all. I decided to forcibly uninstall and clean the fash, because there were always residues in deleting the flash plug-in before. This time, the developer’s editor found a super simple new method. Here’s how to share it with you:

1. Download Tencent computer manager first. You can go to the official website of developepaer download station to download Tencent computer manager Mac version. Here is an example of version 2.4.0

2. Clean up the computer first

3. Here, select the software that needs strong uninstallation, click the strong uninstallation under the software, and it is suggested that everyone form a habit in the future, and try to use the method of “moving to the wastebasket” brought by apple to uninstall the software as little as possible, so there will always be some residues in the software to be deleted, and the accumulated garbage will be more. For example, kugou has 4.5m of data that is non procedural. To delete flash, select flash. There is no demonstration here, because flash consumes too much power.

4. Because flash installation package will have various plug-ins implanted in MAC, so it needs to be deleted once in plug-in management. OK, you can completely delete flash in plug-in management

5. Finally, I suggest that you use the housekeeper to clean up the computer again, open Safari again, open Youku, the flash link fails, and the power is back.