How to delete a blank folder on the computer? Forced deletion of a blank folder graphic tutorial


During the operation of using the computer, the computer will produce a lot of empty folders or files. When users clean these folders on the desktop, they will be prompted that they cannot be deleted. How can we solve the problem of deleting empty folders on the desktop? Let’s see the solution.

Force deletion of empty folders

1. Click to enter “my computer” and click “Folder Options”.

2. Switch to the View tab and uncheck “Hide extensions of known file types”.

3. Create a new text file on the desktop, enter del / F / A / Q \ \? \% 1 RD /S /Q \\?\% 1 。

4. Save the file, change the suffix to. Bat, and click “yes”.

5. Drag the undeleted file to the bat file to completely delete it.