How to deal with win10 program stuck? Two methods of win10 forced ending process


In Windows 10 system, we often encounter the phenomenon that a process is stuck or stopped. The methods to deal with this problem are: log off the system once; end the system process.

The method of ending system process can be carried out in task manager or tskill command in administrator command prompt window.

The following describes the method of windows 10 to end the system process that is stuck in operation.

Method 1: in the task manager to end the running system process stuck

Take ending Adobe Photoshop process as an example.

1. Right click the blank space in the taskbar-Task manager;

2. Find the Adobe Photoshop (32-bit) process in the open Task Manager window;

3. Right click the Adobe Photoshop (32-bit) process, and in the right-click menu, click:End process

4. We can also be in theUnder task manager – details, find and right-click: Photoshop.exe processIn the right-click menu, click:End process

Method 2: in the administrator command prompt window, use tskill command to end the process.

If we can’t finish the system process which is stuck in the running smoothly in the task manager, we canExecute tskill command in the administrator command prompt window to end the process

End process command:

Tskill PID

Tskill – end process

PID – (process identifier – process identifier)In the task manager – details window, you can view the PID value of each process.)

To end the Adobe Photoshop (32-bit) process, the command is:

Tskill 10640

Adobe Photoshop (32-bit) process is running;

Note: the PID value of the process may be different at different times.

1. CopyTskill 10640Command to the administrator command prompt window, press enter on the keyboard;

2. You can see the completed task in the task manager – details window Photoshop.exe Process(Photoshop.exe The process disappears)。

3. We can also change the command to:

Tskill process name

For example: tskill Photoshop

4. Another example: tskill Notepad (Notepad)

Note: the suffix. Exe cannot be added after the process nameFor example, in the administrator command prompt window, enter:Tskill notepad.exe Command,Enter to displayProcess not found: notepad.exe

The above are two methods of win10 forced end process, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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