How to deal with the problem of computer hard disk overload


Reduce hard disk load
The first step is to stop unnecessary applications in the computer, press “Win + R” key to open and run, and enter “services. MSc” in the input box

Step 2: click OK. After entering the service, find the “windows search” service, as shown in the following figure:

Step 3: double click in the service and choose stop. This is an index service, but it doesn’t work

Shut down system special process
Step 1: right click the desktop taskbar and select “start task manager”. After entering, you can see the occupancy rate of cou, physical memory usage, etc

Step 2 click “process” to end some “processes” that occupy a large amount of memory, as shown in the following figure:

Disk defragmentation
Step 1: click “computer” on the desktop, right-click “C disk” and select “properties”, as shown in the following figure:

Step 2 click “tools” and select “defragment now”. You need to wait for a period of time to defragment, as shown in the following figure:

Computer dust removal
Step 1 if the above method is not good, we can also clean the computer, which will make the hardware performance better