How to deal with the garbled language of win10 system


When using the computer, if you suddenly find that the computer appears garbled phenomenon, that moment will feel very numb, just recently a small partner came to ask win10 changed the system language or garbled problem, win10 system language garbled how to do? Don’t worry, today Xiaobian will share with you the system language garbled solution tutorial. Friends in need come and have a look!

Solution to the garbled language in win10 system

1. First, open the control panel and change the viewing mode to small icon.

2. Then select the region.

3. Then in the open interface, click format, and modify the format content to Chinese.

4. Then click manage, and then click change system region settings. Then in the window, set the system region to Chinese, and finally click OK.

5. If the above method can not solve the problem, then press Win + R to open and run, enter regedit to open the editor.

6. Then, in the open interface, find and click associated charset according to the path shown in the figure below.

7. Then click ANSI (00) and OEM (FF) on the right to change the numerical data to yes, and then click OK.

8. If the above steps are not enough, then according to the path in the figure below, find the locale and modify its numerical data to 00000 804.

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