How to deal with sudden epidemic


In 2020, everyone had an unusual Spring Festival together. As a software enterprise, we also hope to do well what we should do in such a special time, and take responsibility for our colleagues, customers and society.In response to the epidemic, we have taken a series of preventive measures within the company.

I would like to share the relevant information with you, hoping to provide some reference value.

Our 72 hour epidemic prevention process
How to deal with sudden epidemic

1、 Information collection(01.21-01.24, epidemic period of pneumonia)

In mid January, the news of pneumonia began to spread from Wuhan. In January 19th, novel coronavirus pneumoniae was reported in almost every media since Wuhan announced 17 new cases of pneumonia on the 1 day.

We have been following the news of the outbreak closely from the very beginning. From not defining the route of transmission to determining the person to person transmission, the company initiated emergency epidemic prevention measures, including investigation of the physical condition of colleagues in the company, preparation of rework plan after the year, etc.

In order to prevent cross infection after the year, we issued a questionnaire for all the staff on January 24, focusing on several aspects:

·Current physical condition

·Have you ever been to Wuhan in the near future, or have you taken transportation to Wuhan

·Do you have a close contact history with people who have been to Wuhan

·Have you eaten wild animals recently

·Is there any other situation that may cause the epidemic

How to deal with sudden epidemic

*Because the questionnaire is too long, the full text is not pasted here. If necessary, please be in the official account.“Everything one”Internal recovery“Epidemic prevention questionnaire”Download the questionnaire

2、 Strategy development(from 1.25, pneumonia epidemic control period)

After the questionnaire was sent out, we did these things as the situation progressed:

1. Pay attention to the development of epidemic situation

Pay attention to the information released by authoritative media, understand the new trend of the epidemic, and adjust the company’s epidemic prevention measures accordingly.

2. Analysis of questionnaire results

According to the questionnaire filled in by all staff, analyze the health of all staff, and formulate the company’s response strategy during the epidemic.

3. Develop coping strategies

For enterprises, on the one hand, to ensure the health of employees, on the other hand, to actively prepare for the work after the festival, to minimize the loss and negative impact of the epidemic.

Since we have offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and so on, our colleagues are also distributed in different provinces and cities. According to the results of the questionnaire, 75% of colleagues spend the new year in other places. In order to ensure everyone’s health and safety, after full communication with all colleagues, the company’s management team decided to work remotely after the festival.

We have formulated corresponding “special period work arrangements”, which are mainly divided into three stages:

·The first stageAll staff work at home remotely

Tentative 02.03 – 02.16

·The second stageMixed office

Colleagues who have returned to all regions of the company for more than 15 days and have no adverse reactions can return to the local office

Others can continue to work from home

·The third stageAll normal company office

First stage full staff telecommuting arrangement

Because we use a lot of SaaS tools to cooperate in our daily work, the whole staff remote work needs to plan and manage the work rhythm and communication efficiency of each department.

For the first stage, we made the following preparations:

a. Management strategy preparation:Make clear the management objectives of remote office, and ensure the work rhythm and communication efficiency through management methods such as morning and evening, daily and weekly reports.

b. Preparation of necessary tools:Telecommuting relies heavily on tools. We have prepared necessary tools such as communication and approval, work coordination, etc., and cooperated with management methods to ensure that employees can achieve their work goals smoothly.

c. Emergency measures preparation:In special periods, various emergencies may occur. We have considered various possible problems in advance and prepared corresponding emergency measures.

The specific implementation is as follows:

a. In order to avoid cross infection in the enclosed space of vehicles, it is suggested that colleagues from other places should make a return trip by staggering the peak and provide paid holidays for the journey.

b. During the work at home, the department head arranges two group zoom video meetings to communicate the work content at 9:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m. every day. Attendance at work shall be subject to the attendance in the morning and evening.

c. In the morning and evening of each day, the team leader shall fill in the attendance of all team members on that day and their area.

d. Attendance and daily report are recorded in the ones wiki. The progress of related projects is synchronized with the ones project every day. The weekly meeting is conducted by using zoom according to the Convention, and the daily work communication is completed by using the enterprise wechat.

e. During working hours, wechat and zoom are online.

In order to be able to carry out remote work efficiently, we hereby recommend our daily office tools for your reference:

Communication approval: enterprise wechat

Product R & D collaboration:Ones (including project schedule management, knowledge base management, test plan management, etc.), G Suite (including mailbox, calendar, cloud hard disk, collaborative online documents, etc.), GitHub (software project hosting), Sentry (real-time error tracking), Travis CI (continuous integration), aliyun (cloud service), zeplin (design drawing handover and communication)

Sales management: customer relationship management, magic plan analysis (marketing data analysis)


It is our urgent decision to make sure that “all staff telecommuting” is in the face of the epidemic. On the one hand, the disease is dangerous, so we must be cautious; on the other hand, how to do well in organization management and target management, whether not working together will affect the efficiency of cooperation, etc. are all issues to be considered.

Hard as it is, we didn’t hesitate. At present, our social division of labor determines that we can’t rush to the front line to save lives and injuries. What we can do is to stick to our posts and avoid further chaos. Take the life safety and health of all employees as the primary goal, and make every effort to maintain the normal operation of the company’s business.

To be responsible for the life safety of all members of the company is to help the society fight against the epidemic.

In the end, the epidemic is worrying but life will continue. I hope that one s epidemic prevention strategy and remote office can provide some ideas and help to you. I hope you will face the epidemic rationally and ensure the recovery of work after the festival with higher efficiency.

The company will take the responsibility for the life safety of all employees with courage
All members of ones will take responsibility for customers with courage
All members of ones will take responsibility for society with courage

I hope the plague will disappear soon. We can take off our masks and bathe in the sunshine.

I wish you a happy new year, health and peace.

How to deal with sudden epidemic