How to deal with high concurrency


Abstract:What kind of IT infrastructure can support the high concurrent traffic that lasts for a whole day or even more? How to avoid all kinds of “pits” brought by 618? Listen to me.

At the beginning of the new year 2020, the social machine was pressed the pause button, and fear spread among everyone. After months of war and experience, the haze of the virus is gradually fading away, and 618 Shopping Festival is coming. Every year, 618 is a competitive place for all e-commerce companies. They make every effort to fold cakes and trains.

A very typical business demand of e-commerce industry is the surge of traffic brought by promotional activities. For example, in the 618 promotion, under the impact of high traffic, the e-commerce system will encounter many challenges. However, behind this, how to ensure the high stability and availability of IT system in the peak of orders is a huge challenge for all 618 event organizers, which requires careful thinking and polishing from technology, architecture to specific implementation measures. In daily business, in addition to the high standard of system stability and security, e-commerce IT system also needs to deal with sudden traffic at low cost and provide flexible computing resources, which drives the maturity of cloud technology.

With the development of technology and the change of enterprise digital transformation, it is found that the traditional server has been unable to meet the current business needs of enterprises. The traditional server is limited by the reliability of hardware, so it is easy to have problems. It also needs to purchase and deploy various additional security measures, and can not do the operation of multi-user to multi server access control. If there is a problem, there is only one “manual” operation. Manual repeat all deployment, manual backup, manual data recovery… What you do in the end can make you doubt your life.

So, what kind of IT infrastructure can support the high concurrent traffic that lasts for a whole day or even more? How to avoid the “pits” brought by 618? Huawei cloud, with more than 10 years of service experience in the e-commerce industry, offers exclusive strategies for e-commerce practitioners. I hope 618 will be all right.

Under the peak traffic, users are faced with sudden business demands

618 activities, there are explosive user access and order please, there may be the following problems

High CPU: serialization and deserialization, high-frequency log output, a large number of reflection applications are the main reasons for high CPU. However, most core services have strict requirements on request response time, which puts forward strict requirements on CPU performance of single instance.

Disk IO bottleneck: in order to improve the effect of activity retention, data buried point and user behavior analysis are very necessary. However, a large number of buried point data will lead to disk IO surge, which will affect business stability

Resource monitoring: how to identify the expansion requirements before reaching the inflection point of system performance and the ultimate bearing point? How to monitor a large number of instances? How to collect and store monitoring data?

In the face of the above problems, high-performance elastic cloud server has become a must for enterprises to cope with the traffic peak

The new c6s instance launched by Huawei cloud in early 2020 aims at medium and high load scenarios. With excellent stability and high cost performance, it provides strong and powerful basic support for games, e-commerce, rendering, live video and other scenarios with strong demands for server computing, storage and network capabilities, and can help users easily cope with the business surge in 618 activities.

As a high-performance cloud server, the general computing enhanced c6s comes down in one continuous line with the C6 cloud server. It adopts a new generation of Intel processor, with fundamental frequency of 2.6GHz, Rui frequency of 3.4GHz, and memory frequency upgraded to 2922mhz. The computing performance is extremely excellent.

The resource allocation algorithm of c6s cloud server is deeply optimized at the virtualization level, and the computing fluctuation is controlled within 5%. At the same time, the c6s can be equipped with a universal SSD cloud hard disk, which can improve the read-write ability by four times, and the delay is as low as 1ms. Even in the case of massive computing and ultra-high concurrency, users can get stable and strong computing performance.

In terms of network performance, the c6s is equipped with dual 25ge high-performance smart network cards. The maximum internal network bandwidth can reach 30g. It supports high-performance network forwarding, and the maximum receiving and contracting capacity can reach 8.5 million PPS. The network performance is two times higher than that of the same specification in the industry. Lower network delay, higher internal and external bandwidth, and greater network throughput give c6s higher data transmission efficiency, making it easy to handle high load, multithreading, and large amount of data computing.

On the security level, c6s integrates enterprise host security services by default, in which the account burst protection function provides fast brute force detection algorithm and slow brute force detection algorithm, as well as the whole network IP blacklist, which can effectively prevent account brute force attack in Trinity. And the enterprise host security will accurately block the attack source IP for 24 hours after discovering the account burst attack, and prohibit it from launching another attack. At the same time, for host virus protection, it provides a new function of known virus detection and high-risk automatic killing, which greatly prevents the host from being attacked during the promotion period and affects the user’s business.

The resource monitoring level is mainly the monitoring of host performance and network level, which are the basic environment to ensure the smooth operation of business. With cloud monitoring service, you can view the running status of resources in real time and set alarm rules. By installing agent plug-ins in c6s, you can provide system level, active and fine-grained monitoring services for users. The data acquisition frequency is once a minute. In addition to CPU utilization and other indicators, it can also support memory utilization (Linux) and other indicators. For the active process in the host, it can also monitor the process, and collect the CPU, memory consumed by the active process, and the number of open files by default. Delay and error active information reporting, find out the problem service in advance, and take relevant measures such as capacity expansion and degradation

The super competitiveness of c6s cloud server is not only reflected in its excellent performance, but also in its competitive cost performance. Huawei cloud is constantly innovating technology to reduce the threshold of high-performance products, so that users can enjoy ultra-high performance products at the price of inclusive level. At present, c6s is on sale in Huawei cloud 618. The discount is as low as 3.2 fold, and 6600 gift packages are still available. Welcome to experience!

For small and medium-sized Internet enterprises and e-commerce enterprises, building their own it system will be a big cost. Huawei’s cloud server can provide a unified solution for e-commerce and more small and medium-sized enterprises to deploy applications on Huawei’s cloud platform. Through the unified operation and maintenance, the security mechanism of the cloud platform can ensure the stability and security of the system, and achieve a win-win situation.

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