How to deal with DNF error when installing new device in win10?


As announced at the end of last month, Microsoft has adjusted the windows 10 driver update. Although the purpose of this new adjustment is to improve the overall experience, in rare cases it may cause trouble for some users.Currently, when you plug in and connect PNP devices (such as keyboard, mouse, webcam, etc.), windows update will automatically scan device drivers without your permission to check whether there are compatible drivers on the system.

If you’ve used a similar peripheral and installed a driver before, windows will use it when it detects it. If no compatible driver is detected on the system, windows 10 will search for the appropriate driver in windows update. During the scan,Windows update will look for the latest version, and the new driver will appear within 24 hours after the device is inserted.

In February, Microsoft offered an improvement that allowed hardware developers to provide drivers both automatically and manually. Whether these driver updates are deployed to users’ devices through windows update completely depends on the choice of hardware developers.

For example, when Intel specifies a driver as “automatic”, Microsoft will include the driver in the regular experience update of windows update, and will automatically download the driver when you check for the update.

If the driver is set to “manual”, although it is also delivered through windows update, it will only be displayed on the new optional update page if it is published as an optional update. Manual drivers are considered optional and will not be automatically installed on your device.

The priority of windows 10 system is to find the highest level driver marked as “automatic” by the manufacturer first. If the “automatic” driver is not found, windows 10 version 1909 and earlier will get the “manual” driver to make the peripheral run. This can ensure that the mouse and keyboard and other peripherals can operate normally.

However, since the function update of windows 10 may 2020 (20h1 / version 2004) and October 2020 (20h2 / version 2009), Microsoft said that after it could not find a matching “automatic” driver update,Drivers marked as “manual” will not be installed automatically to avoid damaging your device.

According to the latest support documents, when the peripheral does not scan the appropriate “automatic” driver, windows 10 system will return DNF (driver not found) error. In this case,The device may not work properly or respond to your input.

The reason for this is that windows 10 no longer automatically installs “manual” driver updates when “automatic” driver updates are not found.If you have a DNF error when installing a new device, you need to manually get the “manual” driver update according to the following solution

1. Visit windows update > View optional updates > drive updates

2. Reconnecting your peripherals

3. Looking for drivers on the manufacturer’s website

It is also important to understand that windows 10 has now disabled the device manager driver download feature, so if you want to start and run your device, you need to use windows update now. Microsoft pointed out that the change is part of the company’s long-term plan to give users better control over windows update, but it can also cause annoying problems when there are no automatic drivers for peripherals.

The above is the reason analysis and solution of DNF error when installing new devices in win10. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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