How to deal with computer flower screen? How to solve the operation method of computer flower screen


I believe everyone has encountered the situation of computer flower screen more or less in the process of using the computer, so what’s the matter with the computer flower screen? Most of my friends must be caught off guard in this situation. Next, Xiaobian will bring you the operation method to solve the computer flower screen.

How to solve the problem of computer flower screen:

What the hell is a computer screen? Users who have not yet encountered this situation will be curious about it. Flower screen actually means that the computer screen has stripes, spots and color blocks different from the normal color. In fact, computer flower screen is an extremely common fault, which has many causes, so how to solve this thorny problem? Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you the solution of computer flower screen.

Method 1:

1. Right click my computer and click Manage.

2. Click: Device Manager.

3. Click: display adapter.

4. Right click the contents to uninstall.

Method 2:

1. Press F8 to enter the advanced mode.

2. In the “advanced mode” interface, select “safe mode”. After entering the safe mode, go to the Settings Manager to uninstall the old driver of the graphics card, then restart the computer to enter the normal system, and then update the graphics card driver again.

3. Generally, the data line has a high probability of failure. In most cases, replace the two plugs of the data line and plug them in. In most cases, it is good. This is caused by poor contact between the data line and the display.

4. If it is a motherboard integrated graphics card, there is a problem with the motherboard integrated display. Generally, the display rarely has a flower screen. It is the last one that can be excluded, but it is not excluded.

The above is about the solution of computer flower screen~