How to customize shortcut keys in ultra edit? Detailed steps for customizing shortcut keys


How do ultra edit customize shortcuts?A lot of friends may be using ultra edit, so you know how to customize shortcut keys in ultra edit? Interested friends, let’s learn about it.

Software name:
UltraEdit v26.20.0.42 official English installation
Software size:

Detailed steps of ultra edit custom shortcut key

Let’s first go to advanced — > configuration in the menu

Then click key mapping on the left, and you will see many corresponding shortcut keys

Then select a shortcut key, such as search find previous

Then enter the new key and click Assign

Pop up > select “yes”

At this time, we click apply, and it’s so simple.

matters needing attention:

This article only lists one kind of shortcut key modification. Other shortcut keys can be modified in this way

The above is the detailed operation process of ultra edit user-defined shortcut key shared by Xiaobian. I hope it can help you. Developer will continue to publish more information. Welcome to pay attention.