How to create an ArcGIS buffer? Skills of creating buffer in ArcGIS


In ArcGIS software, how to create a buffer polygon within a specified distance? In the process of ArcGIS processing data, we need to buffer the line elements. Let’s take a look at the detailed production method.

Case 1:

Open ArcGIS and adddata

Select the features of the buffer to be built.

Then select in geoprocessing in the menubuffer

Drag data into the buffer window.

Re inputBuffer distance and other configuration information.

Finally, click OK,Buffer creation complete

Case 2:

First, open ArcMap software and load line element data;

Start editing linear features;

Select the buffered line feature and click【editor 】Below【buffer】;

Pop up the buffer dialog box, set the buffer distance, which can be determined according to your own settings;

Then click【Advanced editing tools】The split multi part button at the bottom breaks up the buffered line elements;

The buffering result is shown in the figure below.

The above is the skills of creating buffer in ArcGIS. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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